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Changes to the VCIX Badge: Simplifying the Ways to Earn

VMworld is a great place for us to meet with our certification community face to face, and hear directly what you like and don’t like about the program. I enjoy meeting you and having the conversations in Las Vegas and Barcelona. As a direct result of those conversations, our team is now working on some of the topics that you brought up.

One of the things we heard was confusion around the VCIX Digital Badge and the requirements for earning or upgrading one. So, we decided to simplify it with the release of the newest versions of our VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) exams.

The VCIX Badge requires the combination of a VCAP Design and VCAP Deploy certifications in the same track. In the past, both VCAPs had to be on the same version. Moving forward, when you earn both a VCAP Design and a VCAP Deploy certification in the same solution track, regardless of version, you will earn the VCIX badge for that track. The version shown on the VCIX Badge will map to the most current VCAP you earned.

Once you have a VCIX badge, to upgrade you simply need to earn either VCAP in that solution track. For instance, to move from VCIX6-CMA to a VCIX7-CMA badge, you could earn the VCAP7-CMA Design certification.

This logic regarding the versions also applies to upgrading your individual VCAPs.

We hope this change will make it easier for you to earn these badges and continue to show your current expertise and accomplishments. VCIX badges reflecting the newest VCAP certification versions will be released in the next few weeks.

One other thing we wanted to clarify is around the name of the VCIX Digital Badge. When we introduced VMware Digital Badges the VCIX was transitioned to become a Badge, since it does not require any requirements beyond earning the two VCAP certifications. Awarding VCIX as a digital badge still allows you to share and communicate your achievement (it might even be easier now).

We recognize that the VCIX name still reflects the older certification framework when VCIX was a certification. However, we didn’t want to lose the brand since it is used and known in the marketplace already, and still reflects the work of earning the two VCAPs.


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    1. Hi Manuel, the key requirement is the VCIX in the same version, which requires at least one of the VCAPs to be the current version. However, to apply for VCDX, the Design exam at least will be required to be on the same version.

      I’ll be making that clarification better on the blueprints.


  1. Hi Karl,

    Thank you for clarifying this to the community.

    Just one question, does this change mean that we should expect longer times between VMware releasing new VCAP exams? It would be great to have some sort of timeline from the vendor in regards exam updates.


    1. Hi Roman, it does not have an impact on our VCAP exam development. We are continuing to find efficiencies and improvements in our development processes as we’ve made several changes over the past year; it takes some time to fully be realized, but you will continue to see improvements over each subsequent exam release.

  2. Karl,

    A couple questions. Is this change for VCIX badge live yet or is it still coming soon?

    My second question is will I be able to start on the VCDX if I have VCP 6, VCAP 6 Deploy, and VCAP 6.5 Design or will I need to get all 3 of those certs to the same version?

    1. Hi William, the changes are getting published now, cert by cert…check now to see yours got updated.

      With the combination of the 6 Deploy and 6.5 Design, you will meet the requirements to apply for VCDX.


      1. Karl,

        Thanks for that info! I just wanted to make sure on the combo for VCDX!

        I just did check and it does not show VCIX anywhere unless I am looking in wrong place. I am looking the Certification Manager where I see everything else. I do show in the VCIX as “started” in there. No big deal though I imagine it will show up eventually I was just curious on that part of when it was going to possibly happen.

  3. Hello Karl,

    A couple of quick questions please. I have a VCAP DCV 5.5. Can I take the VCAP DCD 6.5 and still achieve the VCIX? If that is possible, Would I eligible to prepare for the VCDX afterwards?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Amine,
      As long as you have the combination of one Design and one Deployment (or DCA) certification, you will earn the VCIX. In your situation, if your VCAP DC 5.5 was the DCA, then yes, earning the VCAP6.5-DCV Design will earn the VCIX6.5-DCV.

      That will allow you to apply for the VCDX.


  4. Sorry if this is re-treading old ground, but could you confirm if this is still true?
    I have just passed my VCAP6-DCV Deploy and was now planning on taking the VCAP65-DCV Design to achieve my VCIX65 DCV however I have just seen that a new VCAP 2018 Deploy exam has been released and according to the two 6.5 (2018) VCAPs are required for the VCIX65. On top of that the VCAP6-DCV Design is being retired.
    Can I still use by VCAP6-DCV Deploy towards the VCIX65?

    Thanks very much

      1. Hi Karl,

        Thanks for the posts and the clarifications.

        I have a VCP6-DCV which will expire in July 2019 and I was planning to take the VCAP6-DCV Design and the VCAP6-DCV Deploly in March and May 2019 respectively. This is so I can attain the VCIX6-DCV Badge. I was just about to schedule the exam and noticed that the VCAP6-DCV Design has been retired.

        My questions are;

        1. Can I go ahead and schedule the VCAP6.5-DCV Design in May and still get the VCIX6.5-DCV badge?
        2. Will my VCP6-DCV still count at that time?
        3. Will I still get the VCIX6.5-DCV like you suggested?


        1. Hi Niyi,

          Those are great questions. The short answer is yes, you can still earn the VCIX6.5-DCV. To earn the VCIX6.5-DCV, at least one of the VCAPs need to be at the 6.5 version, but you can still do it with your VCP6-DCV as the prerequisite. Here’s how:

          Take and pass the VCAP6-DCV Deploy. You will be able to earn it since you have the prerequisite VCP6-DCV. That will get you to the VCAP level. \

          Then, since you now have a VCAP, you can go directly to the VCAP6.5-DCV Design certification.

          That combination will earn you the VCIX6.5-DCV.

          And you can take them in the order that you prefer, as you wrote. It will still work even if you take the VCAP6.5-DCV Design first. However, you won’t actually earn the VCAP6.5-DCV Design until you earn that VCAP6-DCV Deploy (based on you having the VCP6-DCV). But once it’s earned, the Design VCAP will also kick in since having the VCAP6-DCV Deploy meets one of its requirements.


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