After 18 years in virtualization consulting, I joined VMware nearly two years ago. I live in one of the smallest countries in Europe, some of you have not even heard of Luxembourg or know where it is located.

Technical Account Manager

Next to my personal love for VMware and its products, I’ve always wanted to build connections between VMware and Luxembourg. In the past, I often heard customer teams say they don’t feel like large vendors communicate with them as well as they could, and often don’t understand their needs very well. I’m sure there are many other areas of the world where VMware teams hear similar feelings expressed.

As a TAM, I’ve set a mission for myself. The mission is to create connections from VMware directly to Luxembourg with a listening ear and a helping hand. TAMs all over the world create similar connections in areas that can feel quite distant from our headquarters.

My aim is to build (virtual) bridges between Palo Alto and Luxembourg, and to build momentum with my customers in Luxembourg, facilitating connections to VMware. I want to provide access to our product managers, specialists, lead designers, senior solution architects, engineers, and high touch beta program managers.

Who better than our VMware experts, who can connect with customers, talk passionately about our solutions, and share ideas?

Here are a few examples of the work I have done to connect my customers more closely with the solutions and business outcomes that VMware provides.

Bridging the gap –  VMware Senior Solutions Architect; working in the Storage & Availability

A customer was starting a vSAN deployment. In this process, some issues are harder to troubleshoot in vSAN than others. I offered my customer an opportunity to explore and examine the deployment issues before they became problems. The plan was to deliver an onsite, customer, vSAN troubleshooting workshop. This included a full day of technical presentations, white board problem-solving, and a deep-dive walk through of the deployment process. All of this is provided at the courtesy of VMware and TAM services and at no cost to customer.

Building bridges – Senior vSphere UX Architects and Lead designers

UX oriented customer visits are designed to promote a two-way dialogue between our customers and our experts. The experts listen, as customers provide detailed background information, give feedback, and review issues. The customer receives an in-depth demo on the latest release of UX improvements. The visit always includes a discussion on how-to improve UX products. This final step is to solicit the customer’s input and ideas for future product development. In my role as the TAM, I am responsible for fulfilling the customer’s needs. My job is to ensure the customer’s interests, concerns, and questions were addressed and the next steps defined.

No bridge too far – Stronger together in engaging customer in high beta touch program

Recently, a customer had an urgent request and needed a quick response from me.  After sharing their requirements, it was clear, they needed to immediately address the unsupported security features in their current version of vSphere. Since the customer was under NDA, we could share with them the new design for the upcoming security features in the next beta release program for vSphere being implemented.

To develop closer collaboration and to drive the customer’s excitement, I quickly engaged them in beta builds. As soon as possible, a call was scheduled with the customer to explain the features, workflows and benefits in participating in the beta program. Collaboration began on the first call, led by the VMware product manager and engineering lead who were there to answer questions and gather feedback.

When I started as a TAM, I had to find my own style and pathway.

Now, I am a proud builder of bridges between Silicon Valley, VMware experts and my Luxembourg customers.  Creating a consistent and dependable two-way communication channel is what my job as VMware TAM, is all about.

The TAM community is an active, flexible, and engaging worldwide VMware resource. It is also designed to build bridges and connect with our customers to the support resources they require to tackle complex problems and manage major enterprises. Another function is to help implement strategic planning, streamline execution strategies, and create detailed plans that promote collaboration. They act as guides to help customers assess, evaluate, keep projects on target, and move forward toward a common goal. The biggest advantage for customers is access to an amazing community actively working to promote a culture of customer-focus service.

You can count on VMware TAMs to make your IT success efficient, by bringing all VMware resources and expertise to anywhere in the world!

I am deeply involved and committed in Luxembourg. But there are TAMs all over the world in many countries and cities and towns of all sizes who are as committed as I am, ready to engage and support our customers.

If you are a TAM customer, it doesn’t matter if you live in the biggest city or the smallest town, you can get the same level of access to VMware to accelerate your business.

Alone is faster, but together with a TAM you go further!

Sandra Bertrand is a VMware Technical Account Manager based in Luxembourg. She has 20 years experience in Enterprise, Virtualization Consulting. Sandra joined the VMware Professional Services team two years ago.


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