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Four Unique Enterprise Customers Deploy VSAN


At VMworld 2016, we had a great opportunity to showcase four customer use cases for VMware Virtual SAN™. The session “Four Unique Enterprise Customers Deployment of VMware Virtual SAN” was hosted by VMware SE Manager Peter Keilty (SDS East, Office of the CTO, Americas Field Storage and Availability). Peter was very familiar with all four use cases, as he was intimately involved in the design and implementation for all four customers. He was also a key contributor of presentation content.

VMware Storage Solution Architect David Boone was the lead engineer for all four customers’ Virtual SAN use cases. With Peter, David provided design and implementation guidance—from POC through production—and also helped provide content for this presentation.

The customers who participated in the session were: Team Lead/System Engineer Glenn Brown (Stanley Black & Decker); AVP of Corporate IS Mike Caruso (Synergent); AVP, Sr. Staff Specialist Tom Cronin (M&T Bank); and Team Lead of IT Infrastructure Andrew Schilling (Baystate Health). They all did a fantastic job providing insight into their unique use cases and the value and ROI of Virtual SAN.

We were lucky to have two TAM customers included in this panel discussion: Stanley Black & Decker (TAM Earl Henry), and M&T Bank (TAM Joe DePasquale).

You can view and listen to this full session here.

Below is a brief overview of each customer’s Virtual SAN use case. Please take a look, and dive deeper into the entire session for more details on each


The Power of the SDDC: Remote Office Hyper-Converged Solution with Centralized Management

Stanley Black & Decker selected Virtual SAN as the hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) storage solution for 18+ critical remote offices. Their most recent implementation is using Virtual SAN enabled VMware vSphere® clusters in two larger distribution centers to leverage vSphere replication for bidirectional asynchronous replication to mutually protect Virtual SAN data at each location.



11 Virtual SAN Enabled vSphere Clusters

Synergent uses Virtual SAN enabled vSphere clusters for its business-critical applications, including check processing applications, home banking applications, Microsoft Exchange, domain controllers, VMware NSX®, and virtual NAS. Essentially, every core application is running safely on Virtual SAN. In addition, Synergent deployed VMware Horizon® View™ Standard Edition on Virtual SAN to achieve low cost, high performance, and linear scalability of compute, memory, and storage resources for Virtual Desktop.



Using Virtual SAN to Create a Management OOB Network for DR and Lab Cluster

M&T Bank is using vSphere and Virtual SAN to meet its high availability needs to support its production environment. By moving VMware vCenter™ and other third-party management components from its production environment to a Virtual SAN enabled vSphere management cluster, M&T Bank will still have these critical tools available for use in the event of a production outage. Virtual SAN delivers the shared storage capacity and performance these demanding workloads require. This use case leverages the latest vSphere and Virtual SAN 6.2 release to take advantage of all-flash, deduplication, compression, and the inherited redundancy (distributed RAID 5, DRS, HA, and FT).



The Power of the SDDC: Active-Active-Active Borderless and Always-On Virtual Data Center

With VMware Virtual SAN, Baystate Health was able to realize significant consolidation and space savings. Baystate currently has 2 PB of data and plans to consolidate it across three data centers and about 40 storage blades. This will save data center real estate by a factor of 10 to 1. Currently there is ~700 TB of Virtual SAN capacity.


Frank joined VMware in 2014 as a Senior Technical Account Manager base in Hartford, Connecticut. Before joining VMware, he dedicated his career leading the design and implementation of value-driven technology solutions for his customers.  Frank holds a PMP certification and recently obtained his VCP6-NV.


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