vmware-digiad-v2-305x130If you’re involved with the VMware IT Academy, you may already be familiar with our newest way to share the word about your VMware skills: VMware Digital Badges.

Today, VMware is announcing that digital badges are now available for all version 6 certification holders too! Plus, in the new year we’ll be releasing badges related to other activities: participating in the exam development process, competing in an IT Academy challenge, and more!

Common Questions about Badges

What is a digital badge?

Digital badges are graphics that link back to a secure site with verified, personalized information on when and how you earned your skills.

Where would I use a digital badge?

You can share digital badges anywhere online: social media profiles, your email signature, embedded in your résumé, or on your personal web site. The unique link authenticates your skills and knowledge for employers, colleagues and your peers.

How does it work?

This week, everyone with a version 6 certification will receive an email from Acclaim asking them to claim their version 6 certification badge. Once you click on the link in the email and claim your badge, you can start sharing it everywhere. It’s that easy.

Learn more about VMware Digital Badging, including a badge breakdown, the different badge types, and more answered questions.