Kevin Lees

Photo Credit: iStock/ZU_09

Photo Credit: iStock/ZU_09

By: Kevin Lees

I know it’s hard to believe, but VMworld is upon us again. Where did the last year go? I know many of you were busy implementing, updating, extending, and managing your private cloud environment. Perhaps you’re busy implementing and getting comfortable working with NSX; busy realizing the great benefits software defined networking and security brings you as an IT service provider to you line of business customers. Regardless, I’m sure you’re busy making your customers happy with the standardized and customer-driven IT services you’re providing.

So, you’re getting comfortable in your private cloud world – but not too comfortable I hope, as a recent VMware study (VMware Customer Advocacy study”, Q1 2016) shows that 48% of enterprise applications will be cloud based within 3 years. Ok, that doesn’t sound too bad. That is until you see another statistic that says 65% of enterprises will use more than one public and/or private cloud platform and for 67%, and that:

For 67% of enterprises the ideal end state includes relying on multiple cloud platforms.

Relying on multiple clouds, really?

So how are you going to deal with that? How are you going to bring order to potentially multi-cloud chaos? It’s hard enough to get a handle on the workloads your enterprise developers are placing in one public cloud, how bad is it going to get? Well, if you start planning for multi-cloud now, it may not have to be bad at all. In fact, with proper planning, you can drive a good degree of control – without all of those pesky developers even knowing the difference.

If I’ve piqued your interest – or perhaps triggered the onset of a slight panic attack, please stop by my session, SDDC8994: Taming the Hydra: IT in a Multi-Cloud World, next Monday at 3:30 at VMworld 2016, and I’ll fill you VMworldin on some concrete steps you can start taking now to avoid the chaos as well as how the looming multi-cloud world might impact your IT role. I hope to see you there.

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Kevin Lees is Principal Architect for VMware’s global Operations Transformation practice and is based in Colorado.