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Free vShield & Security eLearning Courses

Continuing our series of free eLearning courses, we have recently released several new security courses to bring you up to speed on the key components of the VMware Security Solution.

Introducing the VMware Security Solution Fundamentals provides the background information needed to work with the products included in the VMware Security Solution.

VMware vShield Fundamentals [V5.X] teaches you how vShield works, the main vShield components, key features, and usage scenarios. You will also learn how to install and administer vShield Manager.

VMware vShield App Fundamentals [V5.X] learn to install and administer vShield App, how to create vShield App firewall rules, and how to analyze traffic using the vShield App Flow Monitor.

VMware vShield Data Security Fundamentals [V5.X] shows you how to install and configure vShield Data Security to enforce a policy on how sensitive data is stored within your virtualized and cloud environments.

VMware vShield Edge Fundamentals [V5.X] demonstrates how to install VMware vShield Edge and how to configure vShield Edge to provide common gateway services such as DHCP, NAT, VPN, firewall and load balancing.

VMware vShield Endpoint Fundamentals [V5.X] shows you how to install vShield Endpoint and monitor the health of Endpoint components.


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