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VMware CP&C releases VMware vSphere 5.1 Hardening Guide Compliance toolkit in VCM!

The VMware Center for Policy & Compliance (CP&C) is pleased to announce, the most awaited and anticipated content of the year, the release of VMware vSphere 5.1 Hardening Guide Compliance toolkit in VMware vCenter Configuration Manager (VCM), a key component in the VMware vCenter Operations Suite. (vC Ops). As a critical component of the vC Ops suite, VCM is the FIRST product in the market today to have the official GA version of the vSphere 5.1 Hardening Guidelines.



The package comes in 4 versions:

  • Full – Has all recommendations present in the hardening guide
  • Profile 1 – Has only Profile 1 recommendations
  • Profile 2 – Has only Profile 2 recommendations
  • Profile 3 – Has only Profile 3 recommendations

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vSphere 5.1 Hardening Guide Release Candidate now available

I would like to announce the release of the Rev B/Release Candidate for the vSphere 5.1 Security Hardening Guide.  This guide should be functionally complete and has been posted for your review and your feedback.

We’d love to hear your feedback, good and bad, on the contents of the guide. I would encourage you to post your reply in the Security and Compliance Communities forum but if you have more sensitive concerns, send it to me at mfoley@vmware.com. The intent is to publish the final GA copy in two weeks with any changes/updates incorporated so get your inputs in as soon as possible!

The vSphere 5.1 Security Hardening Guide has been posted to the VMware Communities in the “Security and Compliance” area, in the Documents tab. A separate Change Log document has also been published with the RC Guide.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the Rev A Draft, and also to the team at VMware who contributed to this guide in many significant ways.

mike foley