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Using vCenter Networking and Security, App Distributed Firewall for Exchange and IIS in the DMZ

For all distributed virtual firewall fans…

This whitepaper gives configuration tips and examples for using vShield App to secure Exchange and Microsoft IIS/MS-SQL multi-tier applications in the DMZ. It also covers some best practices related to this type of deployment.

The paper has been posted at:

vShield 5 App Deep Dive Series Part 2: Management Communications

Hello all! Here is another answer to a vShield question that has made a few people, including your's truly, go "Hmmm…."  The protocol and paths for the moving parts behind vShield management. Knowing this is critical for deployment of vShield. Here's the lowdown…

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vShield 5 App Deep Dive Series Part 1: Deployment options for vShield Manager with vCenter Server

A very common question has been whether you can have vShield App protect the same cluster running its associated vCenter Server and vShield Manager.  Now with 5.0.1, this is no longer a limitation! There are some minor trade-offs, which I describe…

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