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The Complete Networking Professionals’ Guide to VMware Explore

The rapid shift from on-premises to the cloud is answering as many questions as it is creating. You need to optimize your people, processes, and technologies to realize the benefits of a multi-cloud architecture. VMware Explore 2022 is grabbing us all by the hand and leading us through the future of networking, from maintaining a secure environment to shifting to SASE (secure access service edge). 

To make the most of your VMware Explore experience, we’ve put together a shortlist of the top networking sessions you won’t want to miss. Add these sessions to your schedule today so you don’t miss out on your spot. 

Must-See Keynote: Are Your Networking and Security Cloud Smart?

The cloud operating model, driven by the increased adoption of modern apps and multi-cloud, provides the tailwind for better networking and security. Your networks should operate efficiently in a distributed architecture, and your security should see more and stop more attacks such as ransomware. But how can you effectively automate and operationalize networking and security to be cloud smart?  

Join Tom Gillis’ solution keynote and learn how VMware is enabling customers to implement Zero Trust across multi-cloud environments with zero appliances, zero tickets, zero taps, and zero disruptions. 

Attend this session and you can be 1 of 15 lucky winners taking home a Roam Sonos Speaker! 

Session ID: SECK2445US 

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1. Multi-Cloud Networking and Security with NSX

Many enterprise IT organizations today have both multi-cloud and multi-site deployments to support their workloads and applications. These companies wish to have a common management solution to configure networking and set security policies across all their workloads, regardless of location. 

Join VMware’s Senior Vice President of NSBU, Umesh Mahajan, and Senior Director of Product Management, Srinni Nimmagadda, as we share exciting new developments that allow customers to connect and protect any workload in any location using a multi-cloud VMware NSX solution. 

Attend this session and you can be 1 of 5 lucky winners taking home a Roam Sonos Speaker! 

Session ID: NETB2154US 

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2. A Light in the Darknet: Stopping Cyberthreats with SASE

Industries and governments worldwide are adopting multi-cloud, remote workforce, and SaaS-first strategies. However, rapid digital growth has exposed organizations’ most critical assets to threats. Industry and government cannot afford to slow down, so digital transformation must also become cybersecurity transformation. Secure access service edge (SASE) combines networking and security to do just that. Organizations are no longer forced to compromise between connectivity and protecting their assets. With the right SASE solution, you can continue to accelerate your organization’s growth and defend against threats emerging from the darkest parts of the internet with no compromise. 

In this session, you will learn from multiple c-suite and security professionals about recognizing threats across different verticals, industry security adoption for dealing with threats, and how VMware SASE can help. 

Session ID: CEIB1234US 

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3. Advanced Networking and Security for VMware Cloud on AWS

Scale, security, and speed to cloud: What were the advantages that prompted Loyalty to select VMware Cloud on AWS? Loyalty runs the largest customer engagement platform in New Zealand, Flybuys, with 3 million members. 

In this session, we will discuss how VMware NSX helps the customer achieve their strategic outcomes to reduce operational costs by 30 percent by faster migration to VMware Cloud on AWS, improve business continuity using VMware Transit Connect, and strengthen their security posture by adopting NSX Distributed IDS/IPS and NSX Advanced Firewall. 

Session ID: NETB2287US 

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4. End-to-End Network Security Design with VMware NSX

Security is no longer the sole purview of the security team. Everyone, from developers to cloud architects, is now responsible for securing the enterprise. Fortunately, the VMware security portfolio provides a holistic security architecture that covers many customer needs. It may sound complex, but it’s not. Our goal is to help you operationalize network security at scale. 

VMware’s Senior Technical Product Manager, Luca Camarda, walks you through the primary security use cases for VMware NSX. We will cover implementing segmentation, the industry’s only distributed IDS/IPS solution, advanced threat protection, and next-generation firewall with practical design and implementation guidelines. 

Session ID: SECB2998US 

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5. VMware SASE: What’s New and What’s Next

VMware SD-WAN, a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN infrastructure, has evolved into VMware SASE with the integration of cloud security services today, and additional edge services in the future. More specifically, VMware SASE enables enterprises to deliver modern applications to the branch, the home, or the remote consumer in a secure, reliable, and optimal manner. 

Whether you would like to modernize applications, embrace edge computing, or rethink the future of work, VMware SASE is evolving in ways you will want to understand. Join our VP of Product Management, Ankumah, and VP of Marketing, Pejman Roshan to hear our updates on the new capabilities and extensions of VMware. 

Session ID: CEIB1892US 

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6. Designing Your Networking for Hybrid Cloud

From the software-defined data center (SDDC) to hybrid cloud, enterprises of all sizes and VMware have collaborated to design and implement a highly automated, hybrid cloud powered by VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware NSX. Focusing on the networking aspect of VMware Cloud Foundation, learn about building a core architectural design covering workload, automation and scale from single site to multi-site covering VMware NSX federation.  

Discover how leading insurance, banking and media companies build agile, resilient hosting infrastructure that enables service and application owners to deliver products in a predictable, consistent manner. The hyperconverged solution simplifies infrastructure management and provides automated estate and lifecycle management. 

Session ID: NETT2399US 

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7. Edward Jones’ Real-World Considerations in Multi-Cloud Deployment

Many enterprises have or will soon deploy multi-cloud workloads across on-premises data centers and clouds. Multi-cloud is not a vision. It is a reality and mandates the need to provide consistent app delivery. VMware’s advanced load balancing solution has a cloud connector design model that sets the foundation for being the Switzerland of load balancers. It is the secret sauce for orchestration and automation from a single fabric that is multi-cloud and multi-AZ aware.  

In this talk, you will hear from Edward Jones on their journey migrating from F5, best practices, and real lessons learned. You will see designs and reference architecture for on-premises and public cloud deployments, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware Cloud, and more. 

Session ID: NETB2189US 

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8. First Line of Defense: Secure Ingress Before Attacks Reach your Apps

Many attacks such as Log4j involve web applications critical to business. With applications getting deployed in multi-cloud environments and in container clusters, the attack surface has increased. How to secure your applications before attacks reach inside your data centers or Kubernetes clusters is key to building your first line of defense.  

Learn about analytics-driven application security that includes web application firewall (WAF), bot management, container ingress, DDoS, IP reputation, auth, live security threat intelligence, and more. 

Session ID: SECB2152US 

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9. Migration Journey : Using VMware HCX from Data Center to Cloud

HCX is VMware’s workload mobility platform. For more than 5 years, HCX enabled thousands of customers to migrate their workloads across private and hybrid clouds. As the HCX offering evolves, VMware will be expanding its capabilities and use-cases further to cater to customer requirements. In this session, we are honored to share with you the story from one of our largest customers, Delta Airlines. 

Session ID: NETB2239US 

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10. Low-Code Network and Security Automation

Applications are the lifeblood of business in today’s digital economy. High-performing IT organizations are turning to low-code network automation to enable consistent networking and security across applications, environments, and clouds. Simplify your network consumption with network automation for Day 1 and Day 2 operations.  

We will discuss on how customers seamlessly achieve connectivity between their applications and networking technologies for end-to-end network configuration, compliance, and automation with VMware vRealize Automation, VMware NSX, and vRealize Automation SaltStack Config. 

Session ID: NETB2292US 

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11. Infosys Multi-Cloud Journey: On-Premises to Azure with Advanced Load Balancing

Infosys leverages VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer for their applications running on-premises and in Azure. In this session, you will gain insights from Infosys on multi-cloud use cases, and how they achieve end-to-end observability with NSX Advanced Load Balancer. 

Session ID: SECB2276US 

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12. Connect and Secure your Multi-Cloud Applications with Project Antrea and NSX

VMware made significant investments in Project Antrea, a Kubernetes container network interface (CNI), and its governance recently transitioned from VMware to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Join us as we go over our roadmap and vision for driving Antrea forward and how you can use the VMware NSX/Antrea combination to create a powerful message of openness for any Kubernetes distribution while retaining policy control driven by NSX.  

We will show what’s available today with VMware NSX 3.2.0 and what our ideas are for the future. 

Session ID: NETB2255US 

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13. Real-World Use Cases of Advanced Routing for Telco Networks

Telco networks and service providers have specific use cases from a networking and scale standpoint. This session will focus on architectural principles. We will also detail the recommendations and design to provide the best networking experience so that we can leverage these advanced networking features provided by the VMware NSX and VMware Cloud Director solutions. 

Session ID: NETB2245US 

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14. Planting Seeds and Pulling Weeds: unITy – A Private Cloud Journey

The challenge from Cigna’s business units was how do we adjust our engineering practices? Cigna had multiple organizations in the enterprise with separate platform-as-a-service (PaaS) deployments. The solution was to unify on a single PaaS. UnITy utilizes industry standards and best practices, including a software-defined networking (SDN) back-end. UnITy allows for self-service VM deployment at multiple data centers via the same method, either via GUI or API.  

Deployments now are faster and more consistent. Deployments are created in lower environments for testing, then destroyed when testing is completed, reducing the overall hardware footprint. The SDN foundation with automation allows for incremental improvements instead of re-engineering your entire data center. Cigna focuses on winning hearts and minds instead of plowing solutions through via edict. 

Session ID: NETB2182US 

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15. Next-Gen Networking and Security Services Architecture Using SmartNIC

The Project Monterey/SmartNICs initiative was announced two years ago at VMworld. Come learn about progress and the latest developments in SmartNICs. SmartNICs are key building blocks to build a next-generation, composable data center architecture. SmartNICs can enable accelerated networking, performant security, observability, storage, and other accelerations for the next generation of distributed workloads that can provide significant benefits to various industry sectors.  

This session will provide an inner-working demonstration of SmartNICs support in the VMware stack, review use cases/value proposition, and share product direction. 

Session ID: SECB2397US 

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16. The Ninja Mentality: Customer and Multi-Cluster Container Workloads

This VMware customer is a trailblazer for cutting-edge solutions, being the first to deploy multi-cluster production workloads on Avi Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Operator and OpenShift. In this session, customers will share their stories and challenges of overcoming the lab-to-production chasm, from stitching together siloed products, such as F5 load balancing, outside the cluster to deploying HAProxy as the ingress to a single application services platform.  

Session ID: SECB2378US 

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