Network Security

Witness VMware Disrupt Enterprise Data Center Security at XFD5 

The security industry needs to wake up. Today’s attackers are too numerous and too determined to get caught by simple perimeter defenses. It’s no longer a matter of if an attack will be successful, it’s a matter of when. Security pros need to recognize this reality, stop using archaic detect and respond approaches to secure the enterprise, and start focusing on blocking the spread of attacks once they make that initial breach.  

Changing the industry won’t be easy. It will require a bold step  one that we believe we’ve taken at VMware with our distributed, software-defined approach to enterprise security. This approach gives us the ability to operationalize east-west security at scale, simplify the implementation of segmentation in just a few steps, and insert advanced threat prevention inside the data center. 

We’ll showcase these latest security advances on Thursday, March 25, starting at  at 2:00 pm PST. Broadcasting live around the world during Security Field Day 5 NSX security experts will run through simple, practical steps that security teams can take to meet today’s enterprise security challenges and more effectively stop attackers in their tracks. 

Operationalizing East – West Security at Scale With NSX Firewall 

Dhruv Jain, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, VMware  

Join this session for a look at VMware’s software-defined firewalling approach, which enables enterprises to easily operationalize East-West security at scale and ensure threats are not able to spread laterally through the network. Enterprises can now buy and deploy VMware NSX Firewall as a standalone security product. No longer do you need to be an existing NSX customer to take advantage of our innovative services-based approach. This means there are no more excuses for not modernizing your security strategy today! 

Segmentation Made Easy: A Practical Demo  

Brian  Heili,  Sr. Specialist, Solution Engineer, VMware  

In this session, we will walk you through a real-world example of how you can secure VMware vSphere workloads with NSX Firewall. We’ll show you how to implement segmentation in your network in just a few simple steps, and in a matter of minutes, without making any changes to your existing environment. Don’t believe us? Watch the demo and learn how to finally achieve your goal of segmenting applications to prevent lateral movement within the data center.   

Level Up Threat Prevention Inside the Data Center   

Stijn  Vanveerdeghem,  Sr. Technical Product Manager, VMware  

Chad  Skipper, Global  Security Technologist, VMware 

With the acquisition of Lastline, VMware further extends its capabilities for NSX Firewall to deliver VMware NSX Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP). This solution includes capabilities consisting of VMware NSX Distributed IDS/IPS.Network Sandboxing, and Network Traffic Analysis (NTA/NDR). NSX Advanced Threat Prevention enables security teams to stop the spread of attacks that breach the perimeter:the IDS/IPS detects network threats by combining industry-leading signature sets and protocol decoders, while the network sandbox provides complete malware analysis of artifacts traversing your data center.Finally, network traffic analysis detects lateral threats and anomalies in the traffic flow between hops.  

So, don’t miss Security Field Day to learn how VMware is disrupting the enterprise security industry with its distributed, services-defined approach. Join us. It’s time to modernize your security strategy today.  

And, lest you believe we’re focused only on the data center, think again. VMware takes the stage today to present on VMware SASE and Secure AccessTune in to see those presentations as well. 

If you would like to learn more about VMware’s approach to data center security, read VMware’s  “Internal Firewalls for Dummies”  guide.