Threat Analysis Unit Network Security

Threat Intelligence Report: Targeted Snake Ransomware

In the last few weeks, VMware NSX threat telemetry revealed the submission of a Windows executable Ransomware sample, written in Go, which is related to the Snake Ransomware family.

This ransomware specifically targeted the Honda network, and was found to be quite sophisticated. The ransomware appears primarily to be targeting servers, as it has logic to check for the type of host it is infecting, and it attempts to stop many server-specific services/processes. Hard-coded strings are encrypted, source code is obfuscated, and the ransomware attempts to stop anti-virus, endpoint security, and server log monitoring and correlation components. This ransomware family has ties to Iran and has historically been observed targeting critical infrastructure such as SCADA and ICS systems. More recently, the malware has been observed targeting healthcare organizations. Most interestingly, and unlike other variants, the malware analyzed in this threat report does not drop any ransom note to desktop machines.

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