Zoom VMware Distributed Workforce


Zoom has become a household name for most living and working through the global pandemic. A leading video-first unified communications platform, Zoom helps organizations and their distributed workforces stay connected. It helps ensure employee productivity and security regardless of work location or device.

Recent data shows1 that there has been a 70% or more increase in remote work at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, so staying connected and productive is critical to maintaining business operations. Zoom relies on VMware technology to help support its distributed workforce in a way that not only avails employees to more flexibility and thus productivity, but also intrinsically secures them and their devices, applications, networks, and more.

“At the very basic level, Workspace ONE allows us to exist and thrive in a pandemic environment when we have employees all over the world in all different places.”

– Aparna Bawa, Chief Operating Officer at Zoom

By running on VMware infrastructure, Zoom can deliver a better user experience and improve security for its remote employees. Watch this conversation with VMware COO, Sanjay Poonen, and Zoom COO, Aparna Bawa, as they discuss how VMware is helping Zoom support and secure its distributed workforce.

To learn more about how Zoom is gaining an intrinsic security advantage in the “new normal,” read the full story on Radius.


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