Zoom has been at the forefront of connecting people around the world with video conferencing software that’s brought families, friends, and colleagues closer together during COVID-19.

According to data from VMware Carbon Black, there has been a 70%+ increase in remote work during the COVID-19 surge. For these workers, staying connected and productive has been critical to maintaining business operations.

Our vision is to make security a part of the underlying technology fabric –  we call it “Intrinsic Security.” Zoom, running on VMware infrastructure, can help deliver a quality experience and help enterprise organizations more seamlessly manage security and compliance for people who are now working remotely.

In the video above, VMware COO, Sanjay Poonen, chats with Zoom CEO, Eric S. Yuan, on how the two companies are each working to ensure that enterprise customers can stay connected and secure. We hope you enjoy the short video.

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