Things to note before upgrading


It is easy to upgrade AppDefense to the vSphere Platinum version if you have already deployed AppDefense prior to upgrading to 6.7u1. With the Platinum version you will be able to view the AppDefense plug-in (on-premise) in vCenter. This will allow you to easily deploy the AppDefense module to the host and guest, see processes on the VMs, and view integrity checks through vCenter.

There are a few pre-requisites to be able to upgrade:

  • Purchased vSphere Platinum licenses (Need help? Contact us.)
  • Deployed AppDefense in a 6.5 vCenter
  • Upgraded to vCenter 6.7u1
  • Have SSO admin credentials (for AppDefense? Or vCenter?)

Once you have confirmed the pre-requisites you can begin the upgrade process with 7 simple steps.

1. Log into the AppDefense Appliance Manager with your admin password (https:// AppDefense Appliance IP>)


AppDefense Appliance Manager


2. Navigate to the Register Page


Register Page AppDefense


3. Un-register the SSO Host. Click the Edit button -> unregister. This will automatically unregister the vCenter server.


Un-register SSO Host Un-register SSO Host 2


4. Then re-register the SSO host (you will need to put in your SSO credentials).


Re-register SSO Host


5. Log out of the Appliance Manager and then log back in. This will ensure the re-registration completes.

6. Navigate to vCenter and log in

7. Click into the menu tab and navigate to the AppDefense menu item


AppDefense Menu Item


8. You will now be able to view your AppDefense plug-in!


View AppDefense Plugin


Once you’ve upgraded, you will have visibility of your AppDefense enabled VMs. This will also allow you to quickly deploy (AppDefense) to many hosts and VMs without additional steps. If you have any questions, or would like assistance with this process please chat with support (in product) on the Support tab on the righthand side of the manager. You can also search for helpful content on the plug-in, using the search bar here.


Happy AppDefending!