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Designed to cater to the needs of both the networking and cybersecurity communities, the VMware Networking & Security Radius page provides insight into key news & trends and delivers content written by various thought leaders in the industry. Although Radius can certainly be consumed in parallel with the VMware Network Virtualization Blog and the VMware Security Blog, it differs slightly because it is less VMware product focused and aims to educate the general audience interested in networking and security. Here is a brief summary of some of the more recent articles:


A New Vision for 5G Networks




Shekar Ayyar, VMware Executive Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development and General Manager of Telco NFV Group, discusses new opportunities that are unlocked with the near-zero latency of 5G. According to Ayyar, 5G will be transformative in “propelling the next great wave of immersive mobile experiences” similar to how the Internet was the catalyst to the web.


5 Groundbreaking – and Terrifying – Things We Learned at RSA




A few takeaways the Radius staff garnered at the RSA Conference include how the talent gap will weaken the entire security industry and that machine learning will likely yield bigger benefits to cybercriminals than offer improved protection measures for security professionals.


The Changing Tides of Enterprise Security: A CISO’s Perspective


ciso - security perspective


Matthew Todd, principal consultant at Full Scope Consulting, contends that the threat landscape has shifted dramatically and even the most sophisticated hacks are commoditized. In order to keep pace with the exponential growth in both innovation and threats, organizations need solutions that tackle classes of risk – not individual risks.