Why shouldn’t your digital infrastructure be a part of your security strategy? If you’re running vSphere, we have the opportunity to re-think how security is done.

Digital transformation is changing the way how we have to approach security. In fact, research reveals a hacker strikes every 39 seconds and the cost of a breach is rising. Additionally, the average financial loss from a cyberattack, now estimated at $3.6 million, is up 62 percent in the last five years largely due to the number of days intrusions take to resolve. Threats are increasing in number and severity and organizations need to ensure comprehensive protection across their IT infrastructure and applications.

That is why VMware is building in security everywhere. This starts with our flagship product vSphere now integrated with AppDefense…introducing vSphere Platinum.

VMware vSphere® Platinum is a secure cloud platform, purpose-built to protect enterprise applications, infrastructure, data, and access. It combines two proven products: vSphere, the industry-leading, efficient, and secure hybrid cloud platform for all workloads, and VMware AppDefense, data center workload security powered by machine learning by embedding threat detection and response into the virtualization layer, to reduce security risk. While being operationally simple, vSpherePlatinum ensures applications and virtual machines are running in their known-good states, with minimal overhead and performance impact.



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Christopher Campbell – Director, Solutions Product Marketing

Networking & Security

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