There is a good reason why mega-breaches have been in the news. The traditional data center no longer exists, and data and applications keep leapfrogging the bounds of traditional network security systems designed to protect them.

In this new mobile cloud era, the data center is now ubiquitous—extends anywhere and everywhere—so now security needs to be everywhere a network connection exists.  With security policies siloed across multiple endpoints, the Internet-of-Things (IoT), applications, hypervisors, clouds, and application components, the one common architecture is the network, whether its via LAN, WAN, SAN, VPN, cellular, satellite, etc.

Of course in a digital era, you can respond by trying to wall off sensitive data like a digital Fort Knox. That however is not practical because customers, partners and employees expects to do business wherever life takes them. Businesses have no choice but to let sensitive data move wherever it’s needed for organizations to be successful and ensure business agility, mobility, and productivity.


What if you could ensure that security policies follow the user, follow the data, follow the application, and follow every single workload, everywhere, every time?


Hypervigilance in Your Hypervisor

Welcome to Virtual Cloud Network powered by VMware NSX, NSX Cloud, and NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud – fortified with AppDefense and vRealize Network Insight.

VMware’s networking solutions provide pervasive, end-to-end connectivity for apps and data, wherever they are — data center, cloud, and the edge — removing silos while embedding security into the infrastructure, compartmentalizing the network through micro-segmentation, encrypting in-flight data, and automatically detecting and responding to security threats.

As you result, you don’t have to constantly create, manage and/or update policies across hundreds, even thousands of components. You can deliver granular security decentralized —down to the individual workload.


Security Everywhere

Virtualization has already transformed the world of hardware and software delivery. Now, VMware—the industry leader in virtualization—is in a unique position to transform cybersecurity in the same way with networking. Network security has been the same for years; however, VMware virtual cloud network gives you the ability to scale, modernize and automate, security through networking, making it an enterprise-grade reality for decentralized organizations and IT departments. Thanks to the deep integration of NSX throughout VMware’s product portfolio, products such as Workspace ONE, Horizon, vRealize Network Insight, vSphere, AppDefense, and others we can extend security from the endpoint, IoT, virtualized workloads and the cloud.  Additionally, NSX Cloud even extends that reach to applications running natively in the public clouds such as Amazon Web Services and Azure. NSX-Foundation for the Virtual Cloud


Micro-segmentation for Maximum Security

Instead of relying on a network perimeter to do all the work, NSX utilizing micro-segmentation delivers granular firewalling and security policy enforcement to every workload in the data center, and wherever that workload travels—independent of the network topology and/or data center complexity.


Least Privilege

Network security can be boiled down to one essential principle – Least Privilege. The principle means giving a user privileges which are essential to perform its intended function and nothing else. This functionality is a key part of the NSX Suite that enables you to address networking security with industry-leading network virtualization and software-defined networking deeply integrated across every IT layer. As a result, you can:

  • Set and enforce access and data policies across all apps, devices, and locations in one place.
  • Ensure security policies travel with application workloads.
  • Validate intended runtime states of any virtualized application
  • Automate networking functions for unexpected behavior

Network virtualization can be a powerful security solution. Learn more about how NSX and the Virtual Cloud Network have realized this vision with the following suite of products.

And after you’ve done that test drive these NSX family of products today to learn how you can be that cybersecurity star inside your organization. Sounds like a good marketing pitch, right? Well don’t take my word for it.  Test it out for yourself.

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