I’d like to apologize for the previous blog post, this was an old draft that was later revised. The following is the message we intended to send:

Greetings from the VMware Security Response Center!

We thought we should post an explanation of today’s changes to VMSA-2018-0007 as we have split the the advisory into 2 sections:

a. This section now covers CVE-2017-5753 (Spectre-1), and CVE-2017-5754 (Meltdown) specifically.

b. This section is now devoted to CVE-2017-5715 (Spectre-2).

The reason we have done this is to clarify which of these issues have been mitigated against currently known variants of the different vulnerabilities. Because Meltdown is considered by some to be the most severe/exploitable of the issues, we did not want to wait for complete Spectre-2 mitigations while Spectre-1/Meltdown fixes were ready to ship. We also understand that some customers may want to delay updating until all mitigations are in place. While we strongly recommend taking updates as soon as they become available, we wanted to be transparent about the fact that more updates are on the way.

VMware appliances listed in this advisory are shipping on either Novell SLES or VMware Photon OS. As a result, the mitigations provided for CVE-2017-5715 (Spectre-2) may vary when first released.

Products will be enumerated in section b. when either of the following requirements are met:

1. IBPB/IBRS is supported.
2. Retpoline is supported.

Because this is an ongoing issue, VMware appliances will continue to accept improved open source mitigations as they are created.