If the barista forgets the cinnamon on your latte, you’ll live. You might even enjoy your beverage. But let’s say a manufacturer decks out your sports car with everything from Bose speakers to blind spot detection. Your vehicle has thousands of individual components operating, literally, like a well-oiled machine. Except one: Brake cables.

Now let’s think thing about your security platform. In the age of cloud, mobile and IoT, you’re dealing not just with thousands but perhaps even millions of components. And yet if any of these elements is compromised, the results can be as disastrous to your business as a brick wall is to a car without breaks.

So, is the solution to build a car that drives so slow that a crash won’t cause too much damage? That’s probably not a good idea in today’s hyper-competitive landscape. The business that is fastest-to-market gains enormous advantages. And customers, employees and partners all expect exceptional mobile experiences.

That’s a tall order for any IT infrastructure especially in this new digital era.. IT has to grow at the speed of business. But it has to do so across an increasingly complex and sprawling attack surface. That’s a lot of brick walls to run your brand into. And the potential damages are huge. Cyber crimes cost are expected to cost the world economy US $6 trillion annually by 2021.

The sheer range of security offerings on the market reflect the complexity of today’s security challenges. Without a clearly defined strategy, it’s easy to end up with a patchwork of security solutions. And yet patchworks are the enemy of both agility and security. Today’s risk landscape calls instead for a unified platform approach, one that can scale seamlessly with your business.



Figure 2: Securing interactions is far more complex than ever before


Security in the DNA

VMware can provide the ideal platform to make this happen. In fact, such an approach is deep in our organizational DNA. From its inception, VMware has taken an inside-approach that makes innovation intrinsic to all our efforts. We have pioneered ways modernize the data center to scale the power of existing technology. And we have built solutions to automate processes across a complex and disparate set of components.

And VMware brings exactly these driving principles to security. Let’s call it a three-dimensional approach. Our security solutions are engineered to scale and extend across the attack surface by making them intrinsic to that surface, which in turn enables secure, scalable automation at speed, too.


Make Security Intrinsic

Most businesses look at identity, mobility, cloud and virtualization as the problem—all those disparate components to secure. At VMware, we turn that question inside out and ask, “How do you use these technologies to secure everything?”

So, instead of bolting on security to each component individually, we build security into the VMware software layer making it intrinsic. From storage that is virtualized with vSAN, a vSphere hypervisor in the data center to a Horizon workload running in AWS or Azure, over a network virtualized by NSX, to connecting from an Android device managed by AirWatch to user access secured by Workspace ONE, VMware’s broad reach throughout IT puts us in a unique position to insert security everywhere – that matters.

In fact, VMware makes security an intrinsic part of our all our software development processes. Rather than tacking on security once a solution is built, we make software built in such a way that it can natively support real-time security assessments, threat modeling, compliance, app, device and networking scanning, threat analytics integration, and anomaly detection.


Modernize Security

The right infrastructure is required to execute an effective cyber security strategy. To do this the infrastructure has to be built to address identity and access management, enterprise mobility management, networking, virtualization and cloud services – the key components of the Digital Enterprise.

VMware is in a unique position to build on its platform of IT innovation to:

  • Federate identity and integrate that with mobility
  • Secure all endpoints, from mobile to IoT to virtual to containers
  • Deploy any app through one catalog and secure the data center and/or cloud services behind it
  • Leverage networking to extend security from any endpoint (mobile, VDI, IoT) to the data center
  • Detect threats and anomalies inside your data center and cloud
  • Provide a modern infrastructure to consolidate, unify and insert security anywhere


Scale Security

Simplicity and scalability go hand-in-hand. You can’t afford to build a different security solution for every type of threat and attack vector you may face. This is exactly the kind of friction that hampers agility and increases risk. Instead you want to support every user, endpoint, and infrastructure component from a platform that allows you to scale and insert security based on your needs…your risk posture.  One size doesn’t fit all and a platform that can be customized to address your requirements is essential. IT infrastructure no longer resides inside four walls.  Its everywhere, its ubiquitous. To scale security for this new ubiquitous IT infrastructure requires control over the infrastructure. And guess what? VMware’s reach throughout these key components of IT required for the digital enterprise is unparalleled…as I mentioned before in my previous blog.

Figure 3: Automate security faster


Automate Security

There is still a perception that security automation reduces control and/or visibility. But when you’re managing thousands or millions of components, there is really no other choice. If you can’t automate and orchestrate security processes, you have two choices: take huge security risks, or risk being left behind.

VMware’s technology makes automation far faster and far more secure than traditional models. It allows you to deploy security services automatically across organizational and geographic boundaries. You can deliver business value in minutes and hours, instead of days, weeks, or months. And you can do it all with greater confidence than before.

Security is not easy…it’s complex.  Simplify it with a platform that allows you scale, modernize and automate your approach to security.

Learn more how VMware transforms security by making security intrinsic, from the endpoint to the data center.


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Christopher Campbell  – Director, Solutions Product Marketing

Networking & Security

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