First let me address the 400-pound gorilla in the room. VMware…a security company? Seriously? For real? Yes. Heck yes.  We’ve been building security into our products from day one.  You don’t get to pass on security especially when you make products that run data centers, cloud services, and endpoints. Duh!

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This blog is going to be dedicated to discussing how VMware help our customers transform IT security and why we may be your most important cyber security company.

IT Security is a challenge. Organizations are faced with ever increasing cyber-attacks, zero-day threats, security lapses, an expanding IT footprint, increasing government regulations, security certifications, frameworks, and standards.

Maintaining a strong cyber security posture is critical. That has become difficult to do across so many IT disciplines and warring factions within IT.

Figure 1: Stitching security through many silos of IT innovation is hard


Whether it’s the team responsible for desktops, mobility, data center, networking, cloud, security, compliance, or whatever IT technology you’ve implemented all have some responsibility for security, yet most aren’t on the same page. VMware is committed to simplifying IT security for our customers and has a footprint throughout IT like no other.

Figure 2: VMware has a large footprint throughout IT


This has given us the insight to approach security in completely new way…make security intrinsic and insert it everywhere. We’re never going back to the IT infrastructure contained inside four walls.  Your IT infrastructure is now everywhere, and security now needs to be everywhere. Let’s face it…multiple lines of attacks require multiple lines of defense with security that is scalable, modernized, and automated.


Video: VMware Security Solutions – Intrinsic Security for the Digital Enterprise


VMware has the technology to simplify, consolidate and insert security everywhere with our solution, Dell Technologies, and our Security Technology Alliance partners. VMware can help organizations transform security by making IT security intrinsic for identities, endpoints, networks, the data center and the cloud while your supporting compliance initiatives.

Figure 3: End-to-end security with VMware

VMware has the portfolio to address the critical IT needs around security:

So what kind of topics will we discuss on this blog?

  • Why VMware for IT Security and Cyber Security
  • The Cyber Security Essentials
  • VMware Cyber Hygiene POV
  • Cloud Security
  • Securing User Access
  • Data Protection
  • Secure Networking
  • Securing the Data Center
  • Anomaly and Threat Detection
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • The VMware Security Solution
  • Key VMware Security Features and Functionality
  • Key VMware Security Product Integrations

Get the picture?

Join the discussion, follow us, read the blogs, and learn how we are transforming security from the device to the data center with VMware Security solutions.

Learn more how VMware transforms security by making security intrinsic, from the endpoint to the data center.


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Christopher Campbell  – Director, Solutions Product Marketing

Networking & Security

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