Our customers have indicated that they would like to see VMware more frequently update the Photon OS operating system that powers the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA). To follow up on this request, we have now started a program that will provide monthly patches for the VCSA operating system.

The program will address important security issues that are present in the VCSA Photon OS operating system on a monthly basis. In some months (e.g. this month) the update will be through stand-alone patches while in other months they may be rolled into regular VCSA maintenance releases.

The release notes for the first monthly patch are found here, and today’s post on the VMware vSphere blog gives more details about the program.

Please send your feedback and questions to security (at) vmware (dot) com.

October 27 Update
Last night we released the second monthly patch for the VCSA PhotonOS operating system (6.5 U1b). This time the patch also contains a couple of fixes for functional issues, see the reference in the bottom table of the rolling release notes for this program.