Today VMware has released the following new security advisory:

VMSA-2017-0009 – VMware Workstation update addresses multiple security issues

This documents an important severity insecure library loading issue via ALSA sound driver configuration files (CVE-2017-4915) and a moderate severity NULL pointer dereference issue (CVE-2017-4916) affecting Workstation Pro/Player.

All VMware Workstation Pro/Player 12.x are affected.

Successful exploitation of the insecure library loading issue may allow unprivileged host users to escalate their privileges to root in a Linux host machine.

The NULL pointer dereference vulnerability exists in the vstor2 driver and may allow host users with normal user privileges to trigger a denial-of-service in a Windows host machine.

Workstation Pro/Player 12.5.6 fixes all these issues.

VMware would like to thank Jann Horn of Google Project Zero and Borja Merino for reporting these issues to us.

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