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VMware releases OVAL content editor open source project

Hello Everyone,

Today, VMware releases SCAP 1.3 draft spec compliant Open Source project for OVAL content editor. A couple of months back VMware released an SCAP compliance assessment and remediation app for FREE. The security and compliance community loved it and came back to us asking for an easier and simpler way to write OVAL assessment rules and generate XCCDF out of it instead of handcrafting the XMLs. We listened and responded!

This editor is a VMware Fling project and is derived from Enhanced SCAP Content Editor tool by G2, Inc.


VMware OVAL Editor

Major enhancements and features are:

  • Added support for OVAL 5.11.1 for Independent, Unix, Linux and Windows schemas (SCAP 1.3 draft spec now includes and approves OVAL 5.11.1 schema)
  • Added support for XCCDF 1.2 creation directly from OVAL file
  • Refreshed the tool with modern UI
  • Dropped broken capabilities from previous versions of the tool
  • Dropped obsolete schemas and all other seldom used features
  • Updated libraries to latest versions
  • Updated CPE version to 2.3
  • Restructured the code
  • Removed obsolete and unneeded libraries

So, don’t wait!

  1. Check out the documentation to get started.
  2. Get the bits and start authoring OVAL content right away.
  3. Contribute to the project and make it better.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and regards,
Pravin Goyal
RHCE | HP-UX CSA | VCP4-DCV | MBA | GISP | CloudU | CompTIA CE | ITIL-F | ITSM-F | CWNA | Mobility+ | VSP 2015

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Pravin Goyal

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