Today VMware has released the following new security advisories:

VMSA-2016-0007 – VMware NSX and vCNS product updates address a critical information disclosure vulnerability.
VMSA-2016-0008 – VMware vRealize Log Insight addresses important and moderate security issues.

Information disclosure issue (CVE-2016-2079) may allow a remote attacker to gain access to sensitive information on VMware NSX and vCNS with SSL-VPN enabled. By exploiting the stored cross-site scripting issue (CVE-2016-2081) and cross-site request forgery issue (CVE-2016-2082) in VMware vRealize Log Insight, an attacker can hijack an authenticated user’s session and also may replace trusted content in the Log Insight UI without the user’s authorization.

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Customers should review the security advisories and direct any questions to VMware Support.