Hola Peeps,
It is with great pleasure that I introduce our latest and greatest Compliance solution from VMware, vRealize Air Compliance!
vRAC gives you event driven compliance checks of your virtual infrastructure and tells you WHO made a non compliant change and when it occurred in near realtime! (As fast as the Seahawk’s defense making Peyton Manning choke in another Super Bowl loss)
The vRAC solution is based on SCAP content and takes minutes to install & allows you to set exceptions on the fly. We are making it available (BETA) to our customers as the audit community is starting to inspect the virtual infrastructure on a regular basis.

Sign up for the vRAC BETA here:


Check out the Dashboard and Score Cards:

See a recent rule failure (Went from compliant to non compliant):


Drill down to see who made the change with a time stamp:


Set Exceptions on the fly:


Check out the vRAC video here:


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Cambio y Fuera!
George Gerchow
VMware vRealize Air Compliance Product Manager – CISSP, ITIL, CCNA, MCPS, SCP