We are happy to announce that VMware is one of the founding members of the Core Infrastructure Initiative. This project hosted by the Linux Foundation will fund open source projects that are critical to core computing and Internet functions. Over time, the project will help make open source software more secure, which will benefit our customers, partners, users, and just about anyone who goes online.

Core Infrastructure Initiative explained
The Core Infrastructure Initiative will fund and support critical elements of the global information infrastructure. Its first beneficiary is OpenSSL, by funding support for its key developers and providing other resources. The goal is to improve its security, to create an external feedback mechanism and to streamline the release process.
Open source software projects that will receive funding will be selected by the Steering Committee of the Core Infrastructure Initiative, made up of supporters, community developers, and industry stakeholders. The committee will approve the funding level and oversee the roadmap and is guided by an advisory board of key open source developers and community members.
The Linux Foundation organized the Core Infrastructure Initiative to guarantee that open source projects remain independent and keep their community-based focus. Read more about the initiative in the Core Infrastructure Initiative FAQ.

VMware and the Core Infrastructure Initiative
VMware and eleven other leading infrastructure companies support the Core Infrastructure Initiative. Our support allows us to contribute directly to the security of open source software that is used in our products.
VMware has a longstanding commitment to working with the open source community, and our developers participate in several open source projects. By participating in the Core Infrastructure Initiative we are strengthening these ties and proactively working on the security of open source software.