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VMware CP&C releases VMware vSphere 5.0 Hardening Guide Dec 2012 (v1.2) Compliance toolkit in VCM!

The VMware Center for Policy & Compliance (CP&C) is pleased to announce the release of VMware vSphere 5.0 Hardening Guide Dec 2012 (v1.2) Compliance toolkit in VMware vCenter Configuration Manager (VCM), a key component in the VMware vCenter Operations Suite. (vC Ops).

The highlights of this release are as below:

  1. Package aligned with the latest version of VMware vSphere 5.0 Hardening Guide i.e. v1.2 released in Dec 2012
  2. The package now comes in 4 versions:
  • Full – Has all recommendations present in the hardening guide
  • Profile 1 – Has only Profile 1 recommendations
  • Profile 2 – Has only Profile 2 recommendations
  • Profile 3 – Has only Profile 3 recommendations

Now pick the packages based on the profile you are wanting to adhere to!

You can download the packages using vCM Content Wizard and begin to use it.

With the updated vSphere 5.0 hardening content in vCM, our customers will be able to get great dashboard to track their Compliance posture:

You can also break down the compliance results by data type to see where most of your infractions are coming from:

From there, you can see the individual rules behind the content that is surfaced in our dashboards.  

In this release we provided 20 Rule groups, 8 templates and 15 collection filters.


Keep in mind that vCM manages not only virtual environments, but covers physical as well. It is the market leader in Configuration Audit, Change Detection, Patch Management and COMPLIANCE content. Yes! That is right, we can also remediate non compliant results with a right click in both the virtual and physical world!

Also, don’t forget about the VMware CP&C FREE compliance checkers!

Thanks and regards,
Pravin Goyal

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Pravin Goyal

About Pravin Goyal

Pravin Goyal is an information security and regulatory compliance expert in CMBU. He delivers and also leads various security projects such as security and compliance policies for PCI DSS 3.1, HIPAA, IRS, DISA, CIS, vSphere hardening guides and NSX hardening guides He loves to keep abreast of latest developments in the field and find compelling ideas to bring some additional business and profitability to VMware. Additionally, he believes in collaborating across BUs and Companies to deliver customer-facing solutions. Off late, he has authored CIS Docker 1.6 and CIS Docker 1.11.0 Security Configuration Benchmark, NSX-v 6.1 hardening guide and is a co-author of vSphere hardening guide. He is leading the STIG compliance project from CMBU. https://www.linkedin.com/in/pravin-goyal-b7299b33

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