Written by Jeremiah Cornelius – Security Architect – VMware Global Strategic Alliances

VMware vShield Endpoint enables Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 – offloading anti-virus and anti-malware agent processing to a dedicated secure virtual appliance – streamlining deployment and monitoring for your VMware environment.

One year ago, there was really only a single option available if a VMware customer wished to use the vShield Endpoint introspection possible on vSphere to protect servers or virtual desktops.  As 2013 begins, the number of partner solutions has grown to a half-dozen and continues to grow. It’s probably an understatement to call the latest of these, “much anticipated”.  The introduction I’m referring to is Symantec’s Endpoint Protection 12.1.2. With the mid-December availability of Symantec’s entry to the field of virtual guest protection, we welcome a new year.

Symantec has been working with the VMware vCloud Security team for several years. Now, I’m glad to see that our shared customers can begin to enjoy the rewards of our strategic alliance.

“We collaborated closely with Symantec so that VMware vShield Endpoint and Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 will work together… our customers need the right security solutions to embrace virtualizing business critical applications and to accelerate cloud adoption.”

Parag Patel, vice president, VMware

Symantec support for VMware vSphere and View deployments delivers the opportunity for a unified solution across your entire infrastructure. Managing operations of both physical and virtual endpoints through single, uniform policies and management, Symantec Endpoint Protection coupled with vShield Endpoint – can now improve virtualization consolidation ratios, and prevent anti-virus storms in the software-defined data center, along with the traditional protection, already relied upon. I’m also glad that the new Symantec Endpoint Protection release continues offering improvement in the detection engine and behavior-based blocking of “zero day” attacks. Technologies like Insight and SONAR allow reduction of anti-virus scans and maximum performance. Effort has been also made to simplify your deployment and updating while improving the quality of reporting.

The additional benefit I’d like to share with customers for coupling Symantec’s protections with vShield Endpoint is the additional layer for defense in depth – agent-less and directly from the VMware Cloud infrastructure, without further guest configuration. This improves your overall security posture and compliance for the growing number of virtual machines deployed in testing, development, and private cloud deployments.

We also made it easier to acquire the vShield Endpoint part of this. Recognizing the value of ensuring security and compliance audit requirements for the expanding roles of virtualization and private clouds, VMware customers with valid Support and Subscription (SnS) contracts for vSphere Essentials Plus or higher editions are now entitled to vShield Endpoint functionality at no extra cost. This means that vShield Endpoint is now licensed with vSphere, and better positioned to deliver you these benefits with Symantec Endpoint Protection today.

Symantec has additional security solutions that work with VMware vShield and vCloud Networking and Security to create a broad set of solutions for VMware customers, to provide:

  • Optimized Endpoint Protection for High-density Virtual Environments
  • Orchestrated Data Loss Prevention
  • Compliance Across Converged Infrastructure
  • Protection for Virtual Data Centers Against Advanced Threats
  • Integrated Threat Intelligence

There’s more details and information on these protections, including whitepapers and solutions briefs at – VMware Solutions Exchange and Symantec Partner: VMware.