The VMware Center for Policy & Compliance (CP&C) is pleased to announce the release of IRS 1075 content in vCenter Configuration Manager. vCM, a key component in the vCenter Operations Suite. (vC Ops)

The purpose of 1075 is to protect Federal Tax Information (FTI) and secure Safeguards for Protecting FederalTax Returns and Return Information.

Introduction to IRS 1075 for Virtualization

To Utilize a Virtual Environment that receives, processes, stores or transmits FTI, the agency must meet the following mandatory notification requirements: 

Notification Requirements 

  • If the agency’s approved SPR is less than six years old and reflects the agency’s current process, procedures and systems, the agency must submit the Virtualization Notification, which will serve as an addendum to their SPR.
  • If the agency’s SPR is more than six years old or does not reflect the agency’s current process, procedures and systems, the agency must submit a new SPR and the Virtualization Notification.


With the IRS 1075 content in vCM, our customers will be able to get great dashboard to track their Compliance posture:


You can also break down the compliance results by data type to see where most of your infractions are coming from:


From there, you can see the individual rules behind the content that is surfaced in our dashboards. In this release we provided 5 Rule groups, 2 templates and 104 rules:


Keep in mind that vCM manages not only virtual enviroments, but covers physical as well. It is the market leader in Configuration Audit, Change Detection, Patch Management and COMPLIANCE content. Yes! That is right, we can also remediate non compliant results with a right click in both the virtual and physical world! vCM even has VDI (VIEW) hardening guidelines. Look for our Mobile Compliance Content coming soon… 

Also, don't forget about the VMware CP&C FREE compliance checkers!

The IRS 1075 guidelines are available today and can be downloaded using the vCM Content Wizard.

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Hasta La Vista,

George Gerchow – Director, VMware Center for Policy & Compliance