I am hanging out in NYC finishing Cloud Expo East where we delivered a rousing session on Cloud Audit & Control with Coalfire AND CP&C is now VERY pleased to announce the release of our FREE vSphere 5.0 compliance checker! Last week we rolled out the 5.0 hardening guidelines in vCenter Configuration Manager (vCM) making it the first product on the planet to have the 5.0 content for our customers. Today, we are giving you access to a FREE vSphere 5.0 compliance checker! How awesome is that?

It is so easy to download and use that you can run it while watching Euro Cup with the sound of GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! In the background!

 Here is how the vSphere 5.0 Compliance Checker works: 

  • The Compliance Checker runs an assessment on 5 host systems at a time! (The 1st five being managed by an instance of vCenter Server)


  • The assessment is based on a predefined subset of the 5.0 Hardening Guidelines Content that currently exist today in vCenter Configuration Manager (vCM) Part of the vCenter Operations Manager Suite (vCo Ps)


  • The results for each host includes the rules, the rule descriptions, and the success or failure of each rule


 Check out the following results report from the vSphere 5 Checker


All you have to do is authenticate into the vCenter box that you want to assess hosts on.


The VMware Center for Policy & Compliance FREE Checkers are sweeter than bacon and designed to get you hooked & come back for more! 

Here is the link so you can get started hardening your vSphere Environment today. (Remember, we have FREE checkers for vSphere 4.0 & 4.1 AND for PCI 2.0 Windows & Linux)


Next, look for CP&C to release a HIPAA Checker that will be hotter than the Miami HEAT!

Now this poses a few questions and we would love to get your feedback: 

1. Are free tools like this helpful?

2. How do you currently lock down your vSphere environment?

3. Would remediation of the non-compliance results be a good next step?

4. Do you care about regulatory compliance & vendor best practices? If so, which ones? (PCI, HIPAA, DISA, CIS…) 

Jump in the discussion on any of our social media channels – blogs, Twitter, Facebook, or community forum: 


Cambio y Fuera!

George Gerchow – Director, VMware Center for Policy & Compliance