CP&C is pleased to announce the most anticipated content release to date in vCM, the VMware vSphere 5.0 hardening guidelines! As critical component of the vC Ops suite, vCM is the FIRST product in the market today to have the official GA version of the vSphere 5.0 Hardening Guidelines. This is just another significant step in our Trusted Cloud initiative in helping customers migrate tier one applications to the VMware Cloud Infrastructure Suite.

What does this mean to VMware vCM customers who want to make sure their virtual systems are compliant?

5 new rule groups and two brand new templates:

  VSphere 5.0 p1

 Brand new 5.0 hardening guideline collection filters:

VSphere 5.0 p2

Great executive compliance results and trending dashboards:

VSphere 5.0 p3

You can quickly move from Dashboards to details and see the out of compliance data classes, here is a small sample, there are so many that I cannot get a full coverage screen shot!

VSphere 5.0 p4

Add this DEEP virtualization compliance data to the rich cross platform, heterogeneous change detection, configuration\ patch management, best practices and regulatory compliance content vCM has today & you will be well on your way to successfully hardening your environment. (Yes, I did say Virtual, Physical, Windows, Linux, Servers, Desktops\ VDI…) This is better than bacon!

Whhheeeeewwwww, I ran of breath reading it back.

The guidelines are available today and can be downloaded using the vCM Content Wizard.

 Feel free to hit us up with questions & comments at:

Hasta La Vista,

George Gerchow – Director, VMware Center for Policy & Compliance