Automation is a powerful tool, with automation we can not only make our lives as administrators easier and less cumbersome but also enable products to do things automagically that they never could do before.


This quote which I really liked, can be attributed to VMware's very own Alan Renouf.  Alan is somewhat of an automation genius here at VMware, putting together all kinds of cool scripts and workflows to do all kinds of neat stuff.  Well he has taken his skills and applied them to the vShield REST APIs, and has graciously made the work that he has done available for all to leverage.

If you are interested in automating your vShield deployments through Powershell, Alan has developed a Powershell Module that leverages the vShield REST APIs.  It will allow you to do many things including the automation of the deployment of vShield App and Edge appliance to updating policies and more.  

He posted it here on his personal blog.  He is planning a series of blogs with more on what powerful operations you can perform with this module and how you can do it. So if you are interested I would highly suggest you start to follow his blog more closely.  

Rob Randell, CISSP – Principal CIM Architect – Security and Compliance Specialist