The inadvertent exposure of confidential information has become the number one threat for many enterprises today, particularly when financial data, personally identifiable information, or personal health information is exposed. There is now elevated interest among IT executives in data security to address the risks posed by the relentless hacking efforts to extract data from corporate and government resources. As a testament to the growing awareness of these risks, a recent Gartner survey of CIOs and IT professionals worldwide indicated that 54% of the respondents identified Data Loss Prevention as their top security priority in 2011.

Data security starts with knowing where your data is and whether it’s compliant with a myriad of company mandates, as well as regulations and laws from around the world. Up until now it has been a cumbersome task to scan data files resident on virtual machines (VMs), let alone VMs hosted by a cloud service provider, since files must be copied to an external host for scanning. This legacy architecture generates significant network traffic, as well as the need for dedicated resources to host the scanning programs.

 VMware vShield App with Data Security is a breakthrough product that discovers and classifies sensitive business information resident within VMs, reducing the risks of data theft and leakage. It improves performance by offloading data discovery functions to a virtual appliance which scans files within a VM, eliminating the need for an external scanning host and the related network traffic. By quickly identifying sensitive data exposures, vShield App with Data Security reduces the risks of non-compliance, such as reputation damage and lawsuits. vShield App with Data Security uses more than 80 pre-defined templates with country and industry specific regulations to scan for sensitive data, such as credit card information. It accurately discovers and reports sensitive data in unstructured files. Violations of regulations (such as PCI-DSS) are reported, and administrators can quarantine VMs with sensitive data into firewalled trust zones.

 vShield App with Data Security also protects applications and data in the virtual datacenter from network-based attacks. It installs on each vSphere host, controlling and monitoring all network traffic on the host. The product can create and enforce policies based on administrator-defined, business-relevant trust zones instead of physical boundaries or static assumptions about application deployments. It also provides a centralized interface that leverages vCenter Server to consistently apply these policies across multiple vSphere hosts in the virtual datacenter.

 VMware vShield App with Data Security is part of the award winning vShield family of virtualized security products, which provide protection from the edge of the data center on through to applications and endpoints.