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Discounted Beta Course for vCenter Configuration Manager

One of the best ways to get value faster from VMware products is to train your team.  The benefit is especially powerful with hands-on training: when people have had a chance to get their hands dirty with a new tool in an environment where it’s OK to make mistakes, they will be more confident and effective when they get back to the shop.  VMware is launching hands-on instructor led training on VMware vCenter Configuration Manager, and I wanted to tell you about a special opportunity.

VMware Customer Education wants to recruit your participation in the beta delivery of our VCM training course.  VMware Education's beta classes let you get training early and at a big discount.  If you anticipate having to work with VMware vCenter Configuration Manager hands-on in the not-too-distant future, you’re in the intended audience for the beta.  If you've already worked hands-on with VCM yourself, please share this announcement with a co-worker who hasn't.

The VCM course is 5 days of instructor-led hands-on training, with live labs and case studies.  The beta delivery is being held in Houston, Texas, USA, from August 8 through 12. Participants will learn about VCM 5.4 installation and use as a compliance and provisioning tool.  Here's the datasheet:


The course is open to VMware customers and partners.  All categories of participants get an approx. 50% discount off the list price of the course when it ships.  The price per seat including this discount is US$1875 or 19 PSO Credits.  (No further discounts are applied on top of the beta discount.)

Here's the link to enroll:


If you take part in the beta class, feel free to post in the Security & Compliance forum about your experiences once it’s done (http://communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/server/security).