Rob Randell here with a quick note to point folks at a nice blog post from Sourcefire PM Richard Park.  He does an excellent job here outlining what it takes to integrate to vShield through the vShield REST API.  In this post he focus' on "…how to use the API to programatically make firewall rule changes."  He points also points out a few other things you can do with the API like:

  • List the current firewall ruleset
  • Add new rules
  • Get a list of past firewall revisions
  • Revert back to a previous ruleset revision

These capabilities are just the tip of the iceberg.  This REST APIs is key to the vShield product line because it allows for our partners to integrate their products very easily and customers to automate the security policy enforcement within their vSphere implementations. 

For more information on the API here is a quick link to the vShield API Programming Guide.  We'll revisit the APIs in much greater detail in a future post.