Just in case anyone missed the news from VMworld Europe 2009 last month, VMware launched a new security offering called VMware vShield Zones for our vSphere (formerly VI) platform.  We think this is pretty exciting, as it's the first datacenter security product from VMware, and highlights Security's elevation to one of the six key pillars of our Virtual Datacenter OS architecture.  (For those keeping score, I don't count vCenter Update Manager as a security product only because the patch management vendors themselves tend to more self-identify with system and configuration management….)

vShield Zones is based on our acquistion of Blue Lane Technologies last October.  It is based on Blue Lane's mature application-aware network stack, but instead of offering virtual patching, it has all-new modules providing network flowing monitoring/auditing as well as network firewalling.  Of course these are packaged as a virtual appliance and provides inter-VM visibility and enforcement specifically for logically partitioning the interior of the virtual datacenter.  This is great for meeting security and compliance policies around virtualizing DMZ's, meeting PCI network segmentation requirements, or isolating multiple tenants in the cloud.  For more information about vShield Zones, visit the product page at http://www.vmware.com/products/vshield-zones/.

vShield Zones will be shipping in the vSphere 4 teimframe.  We just entered a private beta that is open to all vSphere 4 beta community members; look for a forum post in the vSphere 4 beta community on how to sign up to download the software and documentation.  We appreciate your time and feedback!