VMware and Foundstone recently completed a two-part white paper on how virtualization affects PCI Compliance.  It takes a pragmatic view at the different components of
virtualization technologies and provides a perspective on how
enterprises that are looking to deploy such technologies should think
about their impact on PCI compliance initiatives.

  • Part 1: Mapping PCI Requirements and Virtualization
    This paper presents a mapping for the various and relevant PCI requirements and how these are impacted by virtualization.
  • Part 2: A Review of the Top 5 Issues
    paper highlights what we believe to be the top five issues and concerns
    that PCI Qualified Security Assessors (QSA’s) have about virtualization
    technology. For each of these we propose solutions that organizations
    can rely on to demonstrate compliance while deploying virtualization
    technology within their PCI environment.

Find them both in the Resources section of the VMware Compliance Center.