Hello and welcome to the VMware Security Blog – part of our newly redesigned Security Center!

We at the security team at VMware have been seeing a tremendous increase in the interest and dialog around security issues related to virtualization and VMware products. We’ve also watched with fascination the dialog and information (both accurate and wildly off mark) in the customer community and media on all these topics. With this blog we wanted to make sure that our own point of view was properly reflected in these discussions and by having a good place to inform our customers about our point of view and guidance on issues related to the security of our platform.

Here are some other goals for the security blog and Security Center:

  • Our point of view: The first thing is to make sure that our point of view is reflected out in the debate. With so many people articulating so many opinions on our product, we wanted to make sure that we weigh in with our point of view on certain issues, and make sure we point out and correct mistakes made by others when they are made.

  • Security information: We are now going to publish all VMware security advisories and alerts up on this site in a single location. Customers can now go to a single location to get information about security issues related to products they are running and to get access to patches and security fixes.

  • Security content: Our blog is also part of a redesigned Security Center- if you are visiting us for the first time or have been here many times before, we hope that you’ll notice a lot of new content and information to help you securely operate your VMware infrastructure. Our goal with this updated site is to give our customers a single, convenient place to find information about the security of VMware products. This ranges from a new content section that includes all of our security-related white papers and guides on how to lockdown, harden, and securely operate our products. We will be refreshing this content often so please check back often.

As you can well imagine, we are still working on adding a lot more content to this site. It was our goal to get something out quickly that satisfied a lot of the user feedback that we have received, and to improve the site as we get feedback from our readers. So if you do have comments for us, just send them through our feedback form.

While you are here, we hope that you will sign up for security notifications (use the link on the front page of Security Center), and will keep an eye on this security blog for our thoughts and comments on things related to VMware security. We hope to keep the content flowing, and that you will look to this site for the definitive story on security issues related to VMware products.

Best Regards,

Nand Mulchandani & The VMware security team