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Join VMware SASE and SD-WAN at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress Barcelona will run from February 27 to March 2 in the Fira Gran Via. Meet VMware in Hall 3, Stand 3M11 to discover how VMware SD-WAN™ and VMware SASE™ are transforming the enterprise edge. Visit the VMware website for MWC to schedule a meeting, set up a custom demo tour for a personalized experience, or learn more about featured products.

You’ll also want to see what our friends on the Telco Cloud side have in store for MWC. Read all about it at the VMware Telco Cloud Blog. (The rAppathon sounds intriguing!)

Connectivity is a public service: see the demo

VMware is helping the Surrey and Sussex Police turn one great idea into a product that has the potential to revolutionize the way first responders communicate. This joint police force in the UK was the first to roll out SD-WAN. VMware SD-WAN sped and secured their cloud connectivity and solved operational challenges that were keeping police at their desks instead of helping people where they live.

Their excellent experience led to an innovation. At MWC, a demo will feature a Tesla kitted out with a prototype small, ruggedized SD-WAN Edge device. The Tesla also features Jenoptik software for applications such as automatic license plate recognition. The demo will show you how VMware SD-WAN can enable secure mobile communications and real-time edge computing across a fleet of vehicles, providing these benefits and more:

  • High-speed, reliable communications at the network edge will enable an office-on-wheels for first responders, allowing them to spend more time in the community and be present and proactive during times of crisis.
  • Applications such as high-speed video streaming in real time will enable better communication between field vehicles and central offices. Visual understanding of situations will help protect officers and create positive results for public safety.
  • Shrinking the equipment not only saves space and frees room in the vehicle, the reduced weight and power consumption saves fuel and vehicle wear and tear for a positive environmental impact.

Robot coffee, SD-WAN 5G hardware, free coffee, fast self-healing networks, more coffee

Technology events run on caffeine. Robots are cool. So we’re combining them! Rozum Café is a fully automated, high-performance coffee station available in the VMware MWC booth. You will be able to order gourmet coffee prepared by a robot, who will not spell your name wrong on the cup. Network connectivity enables real-time data and insight into customers’ coffee preferences, dynamic inventory control, and point of sale systems. At this demo, you can see and taste the future of high-speed edge computing.

Now that you have a tasty beverage, explore our SD-WAN and SASE product demos at Mobile World Congress:

VMware SD-WAN Client delivers remote access as a service

VMware SD-WAN Client is a software-based, cloud-managed solution that delivers remote access as a service to connect remote users to any application. The SD-WAN client accelerates workplace transformation and can replace your legacy VPN solution by optimizing access across the multi-cloud. At MWC, you can see first-hand how the VMware SD-WAN Client can help simplify and secure remote work environments while improving user experiences.

VMware SD-WAN Edge hardware extends 5G to the edge

VMware SD-WAN is bringing the power of 5G to the edge, extending enterprise reach to remote locations for better user experiences. Stop by to learn more about how Intel and VMware are partnering to create a next generation VMware SD-WAN Edge device with 5G capabilities.

VMware SD-WAN delivers reliable, secure and efficient connectivity for a distributed enterprise

VMware SD-WAN offers reliable, secure and efficient access to all users located anywhere to applications on any cloud with a cloud hosted solution that simplifies IT ownership and increases user productivity.

Cloud integration, a simplified and automated on-ramp to connect users to multi-cloud applications

See how VMware SD-WAN provides a high degree of automation to deliver an easy on-ramp for users to connect to applications in public clouds including AWS, Azure, and Google.

User experience management: increase productivity and enrich user experience with VMware SD-WAN and VMware Edge Network Intelligence

VMware SD-WAN uses dynamic remediation (DMPO) and path optimization to mitigate local conditions on WAN links. The solution uses VMware Edge Network Intelligence™ to provide deep insights into user experience with fault isolation and self-healing. See the demo to learn how the solution enables IT to focus on problem resolution rather than root causes, and helps increase employee productivity.

VMware Cloud Web Security protects users and infrastructure when accessing web applications

Watch how VMware Cloud Web Security offers layered protection with capabilities such as URL filtering, content filtering, anti-malware, CASB and DLP.

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