VMware SD-WAN Tops the 2023 GigaOm Radar Report Again

VMware is pleased to reveal that we have once again been named the Leader in the 2023 GigaOm Radar for Software-Defined Wide Area Networks. VMware was rated “exceptional” across a matrix of categories including vendor support for multiple target markets and deployment models, technical capabilities, and how well the SD-WAN product supports customer criteria such as manageability and TCO.

The full report is available now on the VMware SASE website. Click here to download.

The GigaOm radar below shows vendors “closer to the center judged to be of higher overall value.” The length of each vendor’s arrow “indicates the predicted evolution of the solution over the coming 12 to 18 months.”

Top-rated for technical criteria and partnerships

VMware was rated exceptional across almost every GigaOm key criteria. While VMware is emerging as a leading security vendor, we are also committed to being  the “Switzerland” of SASE and multi-cloud, partnering with exceptional security vendors to deliver a best-of-breed solution across the board. When evaluating single-vendor and multi-vendor SASE, according to VMware SASE VP and GM Craig Connors, “if you’re looking at SD-WAN and security services edge, you should be looking at a vendor who’s willing to accept that both approaches are valid ways of doing things and isn’t trying to lock you into their one unique ecosystem. Because the flexibility is very important.”

These are just a few of the GigaOm categories where market-leading VMware SD-WAN excels:

  • Intelligent traffic distribution: VMware Dynamic Multipath Optimization™ goes beyond simple error correction to ensure high bandwidth, reliable connectivity, and lower latency for business-critical application traffic. Customers benefit from DMPO features such as continuous monitoring, dynamic application steering, on-demand remediation, and application-aware overlay QoS.
  • Multi-cloud connectivity: VMware and its partners provide over 200 points of presence (PoPs) around the world to simplify connectivity to clouds and SaaS. The PoPs are located at the doorstep of all major cloud and SaaS providers, providing low-latency handoff without the need for IT to deploy SD-WAN resources in cloud provider networks. VMware SD-WAN and SASE also support a wide range of services offered by AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, including AWS Cloud WAN, Azure Virtual WAN, and Google Cloud Network Connectivity Center.
  • Application awareness: VMware has a deep understanding of how to deliver and secure applications across the WAN, learned from tens of thousands of customer deployments. VMware SD-WAN has built smart defaults for over 3,500 applications that simplify deployment. VMware SD-WAN works out-of-the-box for many deployments, and finely grained configuration is available when it’s needed.

Leading with emerging technologies

GigaOm also rated VMware as exceptional in all three of their emerging tech categories: integrated ZTNA, AIOps, and private 5G.  

  • VMware is an acknowledged ZTNA leader with the VMware Secure Access™ solution. VMware Secure Access provides remote and mobile users with consistent, optimal and secure cloud application access through the global VMware PoP network.
  • VMware Edge Network Intelligence™ applies machine learning and artificial intelligence to network analytics to identify network or application issues and suggest remediation, greatly reducing operational effort. It provides visibility from users to applications across wireless or wired LAN, WAN, and the cloud.
  • VMware Private Mobile Network is a simple, smart, and secure enterprise wireless solution to deliver private 4G/5G connectivity to the enterprise. It is offered as a fully managed, cloud-based service that scales as your company grows. Built on proven VMware SD-WAN production infrastructure, VMware Private Mobile Network provides robust connectivity to support emerging technologies and industry-specific use cases. Unlike fully on-premises solutions, VMware Private Mobile Network cloud-based service enables uninterrupted evolution of service capabilities providing a secure, resilient, and future-proof enterprise wireless network.

Download your copy of the GigaOm Radar for Software-Defined Wide Area Networks and discover even more reasons why VMware is a very highly rated SD-WAN vendor.


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