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VMware Explore 2022: Manufacturing Focused Sessions

Updated 8/25/2022 with a new date and time for Peeking at the Factory Edge: Implementing Edge Compute in Manufacturing: Wednesday, August 31, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM PDT

Software-defined manufacturing is made possible with VMware Edge Compute Stack, a purpose-built solution for running VM and container-based workloads on the edge that supports real-time workloads (such as Virtual PLC).  With better edge solutions, manufacturers can really take advantage of the reams of data produced by new shop floor and machine technologies – for example, building AI/ML capabilities and improving process automation through AR/VR and additional robotics intelligence.

Adopting a software-defined approach at the edge, manufacturers can reduce the number of hardware devices, increase the agility, improve the uptime, and gain better visibility into the various components that need to work together to maximize the operation effectiveness and productivity of the plant. Furthermore, a software-defined approach can also help manufacturing towards reaching their sustainability goals by reducing waste, carbon emission, and improving efficiency.

Learn more in our blog post, Empowering the Manufacturing Edge.

Manufacturing focused sessions at VMware Explore

We are excited to bring to you tailored sessions to engage with us during VMware Explore US 2022. Be sure to add these to your content catalog:

  • Peeking at the Factory Edge: Implementing Edge Compute in Manufacturing [CEIB2321US] Join our customers and technology partners to discuss how we bring VMware Edge Compute Stack into the manufacturing environment, and how IT/OT together can implement these use cases now along with their benefits. We will also discuss the investment that VMware and our partners are making to support real-time workloads, such as the PLC on an off-the-shelf server.
    • Join our partner Honeywell, and customer JBS Foods on Wednesday, August 31, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM PDT
  • Software-Defined Manufacturing [CEIB2313US] Two decades ago, IT solutions were siloed and bespoke. VMware successfully streamlined IT in the data center and across multi-cloud. Manufacturing today is at the same crossroad of legacy platforms, system-on-a-chip architectures, and monolithic apps running on constrained devices across the shop floor. Manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to meet customer demands in the middle of the worst global supply chain issues they have ever faced and are looking to accelerate automation on the manufacturing floor. New real-time capabilities of VMware Edge Compute Stack enables them to start virtualizing plant floor equipment, such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that operate all the actuators and sensors for their equipment. This is enabling manufacturers to start treating production lines like CI/CD pipelines with agility and operational efficiencies.
    • Join our partner Intel on Thursday, Sep 1, 10:00 AM – 11:00AM PDT

Know before you go

As a reminder, these are the three main session categories:

  • Professional Development Sessions: Advance your career, hit those professional development goals and get ready to be inspired.
  • Technical Breakout Sessions: These are not for beginners. You will see demos. Check out our level 200 and level 300 technical sessions to get under the hood and learn from the experts.
  • Meet the Expert Sessions: Attend these sessions to get the answers to your most hard-hitting questions from VMware Technical Experts.

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