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VMware Leads Zero-Trust Vendors in New Report

VMware is pleased to announce that we are positioned as the Leader in the 2022 SPARK Matrix™ for Zero Trust Network Security (ZTNS) by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. The report analyzes vendors and the state of the ZTNS market, concluding that with VMware Secure Access™, part of VMware SASE, VMware is a top performer and technology leader in the space. Download the full report today.

VMware Secure Access: Secure, optimized, and high-performance access for remote and mobile users

“VMware Secure Access provides a holistic view and security to an organization’s existing IT infrastructure by reducing the complexities of unpredictable cyberattacks in the corporate network perimeter. It allows organizations to customize and fine-tune application policies and add extra authentication features as per the organization requirements. Additionally, VMware Secure Access offers a modern, cloud-native approach to remote access with continuous authentication methodologies to reduce the attack surface and enhance application performance.”

Hardik Jain, Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Enterprises are moving apps to the cloud and users are increasingly mobile. Traditional safeguards such as VPNs are no longer efficient in today’s remote-access landscape. Based on a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) framework, cloud-hosted Secure Access provides users with consistent, optimal, and secure application access through a worldwide network of VMware SASE PoPs.

VMware Secure Access combines the consistent, secure cloud application access features of VMware SD-WAN™ with the capability of VMware Workspace ONE. The solution allows only trusted devices and users to access applications hosted on-premises or in the cloud. With VMware Secure Access, permission is user- and application-centric, not network-based and not based on location. Access is granted based on the user identity and end-device posture, with access to only the applications the user needs, significantly reducing the attack surface.

“With its ability to cater to the diverse customer needs across industry verticals, along with its comprehensive capabilities, compelling customer references, comprehensive roadmap and vision, and product suite with high scalability, VMware has received strong ratings across technology excellence and customer impact and has been positioned as a leader in the SPARK Matrix: Zero Trust Network Security (ZTNS), 2022.”

Hardik Jain, Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Defining ZTNS

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions defines Zero Trust Network Security as a framework that prevents cyberthreat intrusions into organizational IT systems from outside as well as inside of the corporate network perimeter. The ZTNS framework authenticates and authorizes users by leveraging multi-factor authentication and enforcing “least privilege” security policies at every stage of the user or device validation process. ZTNS also microsegments the network to reduce or block the lateral movement of the threat actor inside the corporate network perimeter.

Organizations’ attack surface is expanding because of the surge in digital transformation initiatives. There are multiple instances of insiders performing malicious activities such as hijacking credentials, stealing intellectual property, or cybercriminals using stolen credentials to perform malicious actions — dispelling the long-held myth that everyone inside the corporate network perimeter is to be trusted, and everyone outside is unreliable or untrusted.

ZTNS technology centralizes identity management and enables internal security teams and security operations center teams to perform effectively and efficiently. The continuous authentication, authorization, and validation provided by ZTNS technology protect IT organizational systems better compared to existing methods such as VPNs. ZTNS safeguards enterprises from a range of attacks, such as denial-of-service, credential theft, server exploitation, connection hijacking, and APT/lateral movement.

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