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VMware SASE Doubly Honored at 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

We’re excited to reveal that VMware SASE and VMware Secure Access have each won gold awards in the 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. This marks the second consecutive gold award for both solutions.

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards honor companies, products, and professionals that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and leadership in information security. Cybersecurity Insiders produces this global awards program, in partnership with the Information Security Community on LinkedIn, which leverages the vast experience of more than 500,000 cybersecurity professionals to honor the world’s top cybersecurity individuals, companies, and technology solutions. Winners were selected based on the strength of their nomination and the popular vote by members of the Information Security Community.

Let’s take a closer look at each solution…


Cloud-based VMware SASE combines the network performance benefits of VMware SD-WAN together with integrated, cloud-delivered security services. This empowers enterprises to create platforms that provide secure and highly reliable connections between branch and remote uses with modern apps deployed in public and private clouds, SaaS, or at the enterprise edge.

The gold award recognized VMware SASE for its unique approach: An architecture comprised of more than 150 SASE points of presence (PoP) that provide scalable networking and security in concert with a simplified on-ramp to a variety of cloud services.

This cloud-first architecture strategically distributes PoPs around the globe, positioning them closely between users and apps to ensure low-latency access. This helps provide enhanced user experiences across voice, video, and other real-time apps that are extremely sensitive to latency.

VMware SASE delivers ease of IT management with a variety of cutting-edge features. Zero-touch provisioning automates any on-premises component of the solution. Cloud connectivity to the nearest SaaS and IaaS providers is automatically discovered based on geo-proximity of the user. Policy configuration is centralized for agile implementation at all locations. Alignment between network policies and security policies eliminates human error and inconsistent policy enforcement.

Additionally in support of IT, the solution has policies for over pre-configured 3000 applications, which helps eliminate the delay to VMware SASE architecture migration.

To ensure end-users working from home, at the office, or on the move receive a consistent experience when accessing enterprise apps, VMware’s patented Dynamic Multipath Optimization (DMPO) capabilities manage varying conditions in the underlying WAN and broadband network even when there is only one link.

VMware SASE also supports IT teams deploying a security posture with significant architectural flexibility to effectively manage the evolving threat landscape. For example, teams can choose to deploy their firewall closer to the edge, use a third-party firewall as a virtual network function at the edge, or direct enterprise application traffic to the data center firewall while sending SaaS and Internet application traffic through a secure web gateway.

VMware Secure Access

A key component of VMware SASE, VMware Secure Access joins the consistent, secure cloud application access functionality of VMware SD-WAN with the capability of VMware Workspace ONE to allow only trusted devices and users to access applications hosted on-premises, or in the cloud.

Offering flexible deployment options, VMware Secure Access can be launched on-premises with a unified access gateway or cloud-hosted. In the cloud-hosted model, VMware SASE PoPs host the tunneling headend capability, terminating sessions from Workspace ONE clients. This allows rapid scaling and redundancy of the service. Traffic originating from Workspace ONE users can be chained with other services such as VMware Cloud Web Security within the SASE PoPs for additional security.

Other key features of VMware Secure Access include:

  • Identity-driven access: VMware’s Zero Trust solution combines network security with user and endpoint context. Access can be scoped based on attributes and risks detected by Workspace ONE to ensure least-privilege access.
  • Comprehensive security and enhanced performance: By combining Workspace ONE as a unified endpoint management solution with VMware SD-WAN, users can connect to the Secure Access service, either through the Internet or via their VMware SD-WAN Edge appliance. These industry-leading VMware solutions deliver best-of-breed security and connectivity from user endpoints to apps.
  • Consistent, always-on, intrinsically secure access: With VMware Secure Access and Workspace ONE’s Zero Trust Network Access, a user will always be connected to enterprise applications.
  • Remote access client: For a productive work experience, the remote access client automatically connects to the closest VMware SD-WAN PoP, enabling traffic to avoid latency-inducing hair-pinned paths through an enterprise data center where strained VPN appliances might have been hosted earlier. As the traffic integrates into VMware SD-WAN, DMPO helps protect the traffic against latency, loss, and bandwidth contention.
  • Simplified and rapid scaling services across multiple regions: Routing policy and security controls remain in the hands of the enterprise while the VMware SD-WAN cloud service handles scaling, management, upgrading, and multi-region VPN service presence. By offloading the service and powering an easier, productive user experience, IT teams can focus on other critical business tasks.

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