New Book Available: Journey into the World of SASE

Gartner coined it, now VMware is defining it: VMware’s own Rohan Naggi and Ferdinand Sales have written the one technical book you need to understand what SASE is and why it’s important. Journey into the World of SASE is available now as an eBook and printed copy at Amazon.

“We decided to write this book to have a single place holder for networking and security in the realm of SASE,” said Naggi. “Both those topics are broader in both depth and width and can range from high level (level 100) to in depth (level 300-400). We wanted our readers to understand networking and security concepts and apply those concepts to SASE.” Sales added that with this book, “We intend to show in-depth technical knowledge, and at the same time break down complex topics in a way that is easy for readers to understand.”

Watch author Rohan Naggi break down the book’s main topics in just about one minute:

More about the SASE journey

The book begins by laying out the market drivers that have made SASE an important step in network evolution, then progresses through the technical topics that are important to SASE design and architecture. Although some of these topics deserve whole books of their own, Journey into the World of SASE isa starting point for further exploration and research of both the fundamentals and emerging solutions of networking and security.

Each chapter ends with a list of key takeaways that will help you understand what you need to learn or do next to bring the full potential of SASE to your enterprise. There are over 100 diagrams and illustrations to simplify networking and security concepts.

Highlights from the book’s chapters include:

  • Overview of on-premises security: What does traditional on-premises security look like? What are the purposes and capabilities of individual components? How do IT organizations manage and operate these legacy security systems?
  • Cloud security foundation: How do cloud security solutions differ from today’s on-premises security infrastructure? What are the cloud security components? Why is cloud security about more than simply security services?
  • SD-WAN networking foundation: The evolution of traditional WAN into software-defined networking (SD-WAN). How does VMware SD-WAN™ simplify WAN deployment with a cloud-delivered model? What are the different stages of WAN evolution that lead to SASE?
  • Realizing enterprise digital transformation through SASE: What are the market trends forcing SASE evolution? How should adoption challenges be evaluated and addressed? Why should a business consider making this move, and why now?
  • VMware SASE™: What challenges does VMware SASE address in the market? How does VMware SASE differ from other offerings in the market? What are the most significant benefits customers will realize? Which use cases are the most relevant and quickest to demonstrate value?
  • Network flow for VMware SASE points of presence (PoPs): What does the SASE network flow look like?
  • VMware Edge Network Intelligence and AIOps: What is AIOps and what problems is it solving? What role does VMware Edge Network Intelligence play in VMware SASE?
  • Rolling out SASE in the enterprise: What should IT security teams do to prepare for SASE? How will day-0 through day-N operations and management change? What are the steps to migrate to VMware SASE?

Special guest appearances

Journey into the World of SASE features contributions by some of VMware’s top leaders and technologists, including:

  • Sanjay Uppal, SVP and GM, Service Provider & Edge Business Unit, on the business proposition for SASE and how it will enable employees who work from anywhere
  • Abe Ankumah, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Partnerships, on why and how AIOps is important to SASE
  • Craig Connors, VP and CTO, on SASE as the future of networking

About the authors

Rohan Naggi, Sr. Technical Product Manager at VMware, is an expert in networking, security arena, technical marketing, and enablement with a B.E. in Computer Technology paired with over 20 years of experience in this field. Rohan has expertise in content development, service provider/telco market enablement, and large enterprise deployment. He has been intimately involved with WAN technologies for over a decade in roles at VeloCloud and Cisco Systems. Rohan brings a passion for mapping technologies to customer pain points, developing solutions incorporating routing, security, and SD-WAN. A sought-after public speaker, Rohan has presented at conferences, participated in panel discussions, and briefed analysts on many aspects of WAN technology.

Ferdinand Sales, Product Management at VMware, has over 20 years’ worth of experience in networking, security, Data Center, virtualization, application delivery, cloud computing, and Multi-Cloud infrastructures. He has played multiple roles as a Cloud Solution Architect, Product Manager, Business Development Manager, Technical Marketing Engineer, Systems Engineer, and Technical Assistance Center (TAC). Ferdinand has worked at Juniper Networks, Criterion Networks, Cisco Systems, and F5 Networks and maintains a wealth of connections within the networking, security, and multi-cloud infrastructure communities. Ferdinand has B.S. in Electronics and Communication Engineering and an M.S. in Engineering Management.

Tim Van Herck (technical reviewer), Director Technical Product Management at VMware, has over 15 years of experience in technical marketing, product management, and cloud service operations. He is currently a Director of Technical Product Management at VMware, where he leads the team responsible for writing product content and developing technical training. Tim previously worked for Aryaka, Cisco Systems, Allegro Systems, Assured Access Technology, and Alcatel. Tim holds an M.S. in Industrial Sciences from the University of Antwerp.


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