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VMware and Tereco work together to drive carbon neutrality.

Are you a cloud provider looking to achieve your sustainability goals? Teraco Data Environments and VMware are working together to enable VMware cloud-verified partners using Teraco data centre facilities to achieve VMware zero carbon committed status and badging through the ZCC initiative.

The initiative will help enterprise clients and cloud providers in Sub-Saharan Africa transition to zero-carbon clouds and pursue sustainability and supply chain decarbonisation strategies. Teraco has made significant strides in building a sustainable future for its business and clients, with activities spanning the environment, social governance, and community upliftment.

Despite challenging regulations and legislation around the generation and supply of renewable energy in South Africa, Teraco has committed to powering its data centre co-location facilities with 50% renewable energy by 2027 and 100% by 2035. It will maximise its combined rooftop solar footprint across its facilities to 6MW by 2023.

The meeting point

VMware cloud-verified providers, who host their cloud platforms at the Teraco data centre facilities, have an opportunity to leverage Teraco’s sustainability commitment to attain zero carbon committed status. According to Bryce Allan, head of sustainability at Teraco Data Environments, “as an organisation, we understand that our success lies in tandem with that of our clients. And this is why sustainability is a business imperative; it goes beyond just renewable energy and our environmental impact, extending to our people’s well-being and development to grow our business in the right way,”.

This initiative has been met with resounding support from Teraco’s clients and the South African-based VMware cloud-verified partner community, many of which use Teraco’s data centre facilities. Five of these partners have just recently achieved VMware zero carbon committed status. “This collaboration provides VMware cloud-verified providers with an invaluable and timely opportunity to jump-start their transition to zero-carbon clouds and in turn, enable their clients to decarbonise their digital footprints,” said Sumeeth Singh, cloud provider business head, VMware Sub-Saharan Africa.

Teraco is dedicated to protecting, connecting, and growing the enterprises and ecosystems shaping Africa’s digital future sustainably and responsibly. In line with this objective, Teraco recently underwent an independent ESG sustainability rating through EcoVadis and obtained a silver rating.

Our 2023 agendas for environmental, social and governance goals and commitments closely align. We are delighted to be working together as we have an open access platform philosophy offering connections to all the cloud onramps, both public and private, said Michele McCann, head of the interconnection and peering at Teraco Data Environments.

For information on VMware’s journey to net zero and the zero carbon committed initiative, please visit or reach out to



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