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iOCO Cloud – Any cloud-as-a-service

When iOCO decided to pave a path to delivering cloud services to customers looking to build a private cloud, they decided on two partners. Teraco Data Environments, specifically leveraging its Africa Cloud Exchange and VMware, where it secured its status as a VMware Cloud Verified Partner.

A decade long journey, where iOCO could have been considered “too early” to the cloud, the company has built a formidable service offering. This extends to consulting and strategic guidance for cloud development, roadmaps, and infrastructure services across its seven global datacentres and in Africa, extending into Teraco Data Environments. Additionally, the cloud team provides specialist skills in designing, implementing, and managing on-premises, private, public, and multi-cloud environments.

“The cloud is not a journey of a single step, which is why our partnerships are so key. With Teraco in our court, we have the network, the plumbing, and the connectivity infrastructure to support the data and application mobility our customers need while offering onramps to the hyperscalers. And then with VMware, we have an extensible technology fabric that is familiar to most clients, that we offer on a consumptive basis,” says Paul Spagnoletti, Business Unit Executive: Cloud and Security South Africa.


According to Spagnoletti, the brand of cloud services that iOCO delivers is designed to cater for clients in a one-speed or legacy world, and offer hosted solutions to those customers in the two-speed world who are digitally transforming and embracing the cloud. It achieves this by leveraging its status as a VMware Cloud Verified Partner to deliver subscription-based VMware licensing to clients on their own dedicated private cloud real estate. This is then built and managed for them by iOCO and gives the client the freedom to move away from a CAPEX model towards an OPEX-based solution and navigate the need to add public cloud offerings only for the relevant workloads.

“Today, we have a multi-tenant cloud platform which a client can self-provision and auto-scale as required,” adds Spagnoletti. “It is the perfect environment for clients to get a feel for the cloud, an environment where they can learn how to adapt to what they expect of the cloud as their journey progresses.”

And with its partnership with Teraco and its African Data Exchange, iOCO is offering connectivity to all the networks that land at Teraco, including onramps to every hyperscaler, be it AWS, Microsoft, or Oracle.


“When you have the right technology in place, you can focus on the value-add to customers, and that’s services. 90% of our cloud customers don’t care about the underlying technology; they want a solution that works. One that is interoperable with their on-premises environments gives them the flexibility to move around in a multi-cloud world because they can support a hybrid cloud infrastructure,” says Spagnoletti.

“Our Cloud Verified Partners are an elite group of organisations able to translate cloud solutions into value-added cloud services. iOCO has leveraged its Cloud Verified status to build a business that acknowledges that you can’t get too involved in selling technology as a cloud service provider,” says Sumeeth Singh, Head: Cloud Provider Manager at VMware.

“What you need to sell them is peace of mind and the assurance what they have purchased from you will provide the foundation for their application and workloads and that they are only going to be charged for what they use. Which is exactly what iOCO offers,” ends Singh.



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