Providing an ecosystem fit for digital transformation

By Tom Herrman, VP Global Strategic Alliances, VMware

Organisations understand that digital transformation isn’t just a one-off project that can be started and completed – it is an ongoing process, that requires many different facets of technology, processes and culture to come together.

On the technology side, there have been many areas that enterprises are looking towards to help achieve their transformational aims, such as cloud computing, software-defined data centers (SDDC), pay-as-you-go offerings, and converged and hyper-converged computing. The plethora of options shows that there is not one single ‘right’ pathway to take, but that different choices are pivotal in being able to digitally transform.

This means being able to harness data and reduce both the IT management burden and the cost and complexity associated with the delivery of disparate applications and services.

VMware wants to make these benefits a possibility for our customers to ensure they can realise the full potential of digital transformation, and we’re always working with our partners to get there. Hitachi Vantara is a key partner for us and has native integration with the entire VMware software stack. Together, our five solutions can make it easier and faster for enterprises to accelerate time to business value.

The first integration is Hitachi Vantara’s Unified Compute Platform (UCP) optimised specifically for VMware, so that it can support the full range of enterprise workloads whether traditional or cloud native. For standardised building blocks and ‘out of the box’ solutions companies can achieve rapid time-to-value, and our experts can help those organisations that have more complex needs.

Then, the benefits of VMware vSphere virtualisation have been combined with the converged UCP CI, creating the best foundation for apps, cloud and business. Further integration can be found in the hyper-converged platform, UCP HC, which combines the power of VMware vSphere, vCenter and vSAN software to provide an all-in-one hyper-converged solution.

VMware Cloud Foundation, consisting of vSphere, NSX, vSAN and vRealize Suite has been used alongside Hitachi Vantara’s rack-scale UCP RS to provide an integrated SDDC that organisations can use to embrace private or hybrid cloud for faster time to market, all while enhancing security.

VMware vRealize with Hitachi Enterprise Cloud has been designed specifically to automate and orchestrate any application in a ready-to-use platform. Both Hitachi Vantara and VMware’s expertise in data management enables users to seamlessly move data between on-premise and cloud-based apps.

Lastly, the integration has also extended to VMware vCenter and Hitachi UCP Advisor, simplifying management through automated management and orchestration software, and providing visibility across compute, network and storage.

This means enterprises are not required to learn new systems, buy additional software, or undertake the risky and time-consuming task of manually integrating systems.

VMware and Hitachi Vantara are delivering the power of an ecosystem that combines the latest technology and best-in-class solutions with a wealth of experience and world-class support. By working together, we will shorten the path for an organisation’s digital transformation.

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