The journey to the Digital Workspace

We have talked about the digital workspace journey for years at VMware. But if you put 10 people in a room and ask them what a digital workspace is or how to get there, you will get at least 25 very interesting and very different answers.

It takes many different guises – from self-service access, an app catalog or a “virtual workspace,” where their virtual desktop is their “digital workspace.”

Recently, a team across VMware—from product managers and marketers to engineers, designers and professional services architects—sat down with some talented artists and storytellers to create a digital workspace journey map. The goal of the map is to replace reams of whitepapers and never-ending slide decks with a way to foster a richly visual dialog about the journey to the digital workspace.

No products. No technology. Just the journey itself.

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If you enjoyed that, why not download our recently published report on the Digital Workspace and why organisations are at a crucial point in understanding how to empower employees with greater access to the applications workers prefer and need to do their job.


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