5 key updates for VMware Cloud™ on AWS in Europe

Did you miss our live streamed VMware Cloud™ briefing on March 7th? Watch back on-demand here.

On March 7th we made the exciting announcement that VMware Cloud on AWS would now be available in the AWS London Region.

We can’t wait to bring together the best of both worlds – the enterprise capabilities of VMware with all the amazing capabilities of AWS public cloud. Mark Lohmeyer, VP and General Manager of the Cloud Platform Business Unit at VMware explains how since launching VMware Cloud on AWS there has been tremendous interest from our global customer service, and how the announcement “marks an essential starting point for our global expansion to deliver unparalleled hybrid cloud services in every major market around the world.”

Want to know more? Here are some of our key VMware Cloud on AWS updates that detail exactly what’s available for our European and multi-national customers.

  1. Mission-Critical Application Protections:

New capabilities will protect applications against different types of failures, from data center and availability zone outages, to host and VM-level failures. VMware Cloud on AWS will provide Zero RPO high availability for any application across AWS Availability Zones (AZ) with Stretched Clusters for VMware Cloud on AWS. This unique service will significantly improve enterprise application availability without needing to architect it into the application, by leveraging powerful VMware infrastructure capabilities, enabling developers to focus on adding business value.

  1. Data-Intensive Application Enhancements:

With the acceleration of big-data volumes in the cloud, data intensive workloads can now take advantage of native VMware vSAN compression and deduplication to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while benefiting from the performance of all-flash storage. It is estimated that customers can cut storage costs in half for typical workloads with native vSAN deduplication and compression while reducing idle resources with elastic, on-demand compute used only when needed.

  1. VMware vMotion for Workload Migration:

VMware vMotion between on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS, and between hosts across clusters within VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC is now available. VMware will also be adding vMotion between hosts in a stretched cluster across two AWS availability zones.

  1. Support for Desktop Workloads:

VMware Cloud on AWS will support VMware Horizon 7, enabling customers to extend on-premises desktop services without buying additional hardware, co-locate virtual desktops or published applications near latency-sensitive applications in the cloud, and leverage elastic capacity as a cost-effective way to protect on-premises Horizon 7 deployments or fill temporary needs.

  1. Simplified Cloud Migration and Operations:

VMware is making it faster and easier to setup, configure and manage SDDC environments on VMware Cloud on AWS. Integration with AWS CloudFormation and Hashicorp Terraform enable customers to automate VMware software-defined data center (SDDC)-level provisioning using popular and familiar DevOps tools. VMware is also introducing developer center, which is integrated into the VMware Cloud on AWS service console and offers automation experts, DevOps engineers, and developers a central portal to gain access to detailed API information, Software Development Kits, code samples, and command line interfaces. Additionally, customers will be able to accelerate initial networking configuration and improve ongoing operations with networking and security capabilities provided by VMware NSX, including Tunnel Status Monitor, Connectivity Checker and Firewall Rule Accelerator.

For more information – watch back our live streamed VMware Cloud™ briefing here.


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