Partner collaboration: where the digital transformation battleground is won

Jean-Philippe Barleaza shares insights into how VMware’s close partner relationships are enabling businesses to navigate their digital transformation challenges

As entire industries are reshaped by technology, the ability to attract and retain customers has never been more important. Creating an outstanding customer experience at every touchpoint is critical – it’s the new digital transformation battleground.

Jean-Philippe Barleaza, EMEA VP Channel, Alliance and General Business, VMware considers digital transformation an “amazing opportunity and challenge” as organisations look to adapt, compete and succeed against a backdrop of constant change.

At the heart of empowering organisations to overcome these challenges and grasp the opportunities digital presents are VMware’s partners, those trusted advisors helping organisations deliver true value from their technology investments.

Click on the links below for a series of insights from Jean-Philippe, where he discusses how VMware collaborates extremely closely with its partners to deliver on the promise of digital and create amazing customer experiences.

How are VMware’s partners acting as crucial, strategic advisors for businesses today?

In what way is digital transformation both an opportunity and a challenge?

How are VMware and its partners delivering ‘best in class services’ to businesses?

How is VMware collaborating with its partners in the VMware Cloud Provider Program?

How are VMware’s partners bringing additional value to customers?

How are VMware and its partners improving the customer experience?



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